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The Benefits Of Using An eBike

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Guide To Electric Bikes

E-Mobility is becoming the future of personal transport, especially as pollution levels are increasing and the need for eco-friendly transportation is needed. Electric bikes are the perfect alternative to personal transportation and they are a great way to get to your destination faster, with less effort whilst also keeping you fit.

This week we’ve come up with a few benefits of using an eBike, from pedal-assist to sustaining the environment.

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Do eBikes Assist Your Cycling?

One benefit of using an electric bike is that they use a battery powered motor to give you pedal-assistance. This means that you can ride further, for longer without the intensity of a normal bicycle.  This is also a great way to keep fit as you can ride longer distances but also means you’ll be free from sweaty rides!

The pedal assist is also great for riding across any challenging terrain or up any steep hills, it gives you a little boost to help you on your journey.

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Are Electric Bikes Good For Improving Health?

According to studies, riding an eBike is just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness. Despite featuring pedal-assist, the cyclist still has to do the majority of the work therefore you are still exercising and therefore  working out and increasing your fitness levels. Cycling is a great whole body workout and will help keep in shape.

Cycling in general is also great for your mental health. Riding your bike can help reduce stress and clear your mind, especially after a busy day at work. We have a blog on the health benefits of cycling, which you can read here.

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Are Electric Bikes Eco-Friendly?

Swapping your daily commute to an electric bike rather than car is a great way to do your bit in sustaining the environment. Electric bikes are much more eco-friendly than a car or motorbike and emit lower pollution, per kilometre, as they do not produce harmful emissions because eBikes run on electricity, rather than liquid fuel.

That means when you’re riding you’re eBike to work or around the city, you’re not only keeping fit when riding, you’re also lowering your carbon footprint and actively taking a role in the fight against climate change! Here at Reid, we care about the environment so we will also plant a tree for every eBike (and any Reid product) you buy, you can learn more about our environmental pledge here.

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Electric Bikes Can Ride Longer Distances At Greater Speeds

Here at Reid, we have a range of premium electric bikes including Mountain eBikes, Commuter eBikes, Vintage eBikes and more! All of our eBikes come with powerful 250W motors meaning that you can reach speeds up to 25km/h and longer distances, for example the City Pulse eBike can reach up to 69km, which is perfect for long commutes or weekend adventuring.

Riding longer distances and at greater speeds means that you can venture to further places, which you might not have been able to cycle to on a regular bicycle. Just ensure your battery is fully charged and you can travel for miles!

Benefits of eBikes 7 - Reid ® - The Benefits Of Using An eBike

Are Electric Bikes Good Commuters?

Commuting has never been easier than with an eBike! You can now say goodbye to sweaty commutes thanks to the pedal assist. We have a great selection of commuter eBikes, such as the Blacktop 1.0, which are perfect for taking you from A to B. You can also take your luggage, thanks to optional rear rack, which makes commuting even easier.

Commuting by eBike is not only more environmentally friendly than taking a car, it is also a quicker way to commute, as you no longer have to sit in heavy traffic… say goodbye to busy rush hours!

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As pollution levels rise and traffic congestion becomes worse, the need for a new way to commute has never been higher. Electric bikes are the perfect commuting alternative and they have many benefits including health and environment. Why not check out our range of eBikes today?


Want to check out our full range of eBikes? Click here! 


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