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We Are Explorers take a trip to Stockton beach, NSW, Australia on the Ares and Zeus

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We are Explorers is a community of weekend explorers that launched in 2014. They inspire Australians to fill their lives with microadventures; cheap, simple and local escapes that pack the spirit of adventure into an amazing weekend away.

So we gave them two of our latest Fat Bikes to see how much fun they could have on the sand at beautiful Stockton Beach in New South Wales, Australia…

The four of us were road tripping north from Sydney for a weekend adventure armed with two Reid Cycles Fat Bikes and a mission to explore the mystical landscape of Stockton Dunes, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest stretch of sand dunes at a punchy 32km long! A WWII Shipwreck now calls the beach home too, and the infamous Tin City is also a major draw card; an eerie off-the-grid settlement that is slowly being swallowed by sand. It’s also where the original Mad Max was filmed.


So what are Fat Bikes then? Essentially, they’re mountain bikes with oversize tyres approximately 4 inches wide that look more befitting for a motorcycle. Originally designed for snow and ice in the Americas, the wider footprint allows riders to navigate entirely new landscapes that beforehand simply weren’t accessible by pedal power. They look wild. They look semi-ridiculous. They’re a lot of fun.

The article is well worth a read if you are planning your own mini adventure on a Fat Bike, and can be read here.

For further information and specs on the two models featured in the article, you can find this by clicking here for the Reid Ares and here for the Reid Zeus.


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