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Reidhjolaverzlunin Berlin – a Leading Bike Shop in Reykjavik, Iceland

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Last year, we started distribution in Europe for the first time. Just 12 months later, and we’re sold in nine countries across the continent, with ambitions to continue to grow this further. For the next nine weeks, we will look at each of these in more detail, and share information about each of them. For our first article, we take a look at Iceland and its leading lifestyle bike shop in Reykjavik, Reidhjolaverzlunin Berlin.

Opening a bike shop in Reykjavik, a major European city with a population of one million can still be thought of as risky by some, as you’re narrowing your audience. So, why did Alexander Schepsky, Owner, take this risk in Iceland with a total population of 323,000?

We had a quick chat with him to find out.

Alex is originally from Germany but moved to Iceland 17 years ago. With a landscape as stunning as it is there, who can blame him? One thing that kept bugging him was that when people rode their bikes, they all seemed to “dress like they’re off to do the Tour de France”. Normal people riding bikes should be able to wear normal clothes and ride normal bikes, he thought. So, four years ago, Alex decided to open up his own bike shop in Reykjavik to show people that there is another way.

Four years later, Reidhjolaverzlunin Berlin in Reykjavik is Iceland’s leading supplier of bikes, accessories and clothing to everyday riders. The shop has a very laid back feel. Interestingly, like many mainland European lifestyle bike stores, it has incorporated a coffee shop into the customer experience. They call it the ‘Coffee Corner’.

The store carries many brands that meet the needs of casual, urban and lifestyle cyclists. Some of them are Brooks, Pashley and of course, Reid. For Alex:

“Reid perfectly aligns with what the store is here for; to give customers great products at great prices, and get more people on bikes”.

So, how has it gone for Alex?

“Very, very well. People seem to understand what we’re doing and like it. It shows there is a demand for this type of store”.

After the early success with Reid this year, the Iceland bike store, Reidhjolaverzlunin Berlin is now expanding the range they’re offering, with more stock landing throughout the season. Prices start from 99.900kr. You can visit their website by clicking here.

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