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Getting fit and staying healthy is one of the best investments that you can make in yourself. When you’re fit and healthy, you tend to be happier as well. A fit body fights off illness more easily. Plus, exercise gives you a big hit of endorphins, making you feel great. However, for most of us, it’s tough to fit yet another thing into our already busy lives. That’s where cycling can be great. It’s easier than you think to get fit fast.

The NHS recommends that adults get 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise each week. That sounds like a lot, but biking makes it easy. Ride to work one day this week, ride to the shops another and then go for a one hour spin at the weekend. Then you’ve probably made it. You don’t need to become an uber athlete in head to toe lycra. Simply, leaving the car at home for a couple of trips each week is enough to get you started.

Getting started can be the hardest part. Nevetherless, once you’re rolling, it’s easy. Here’s three common starting points, along with some advice.

Urban Utility – The casual commuter

Whether you’re getting back into fitness or riding for the first time or looking to add some cycling cross-training to your schedule, a commuter bike is a great option. You probably don’t need to worry about things like clipless pedals, carbon fibre parts and heart rate monitors. However, a decent bike and a couple of little extras will make your cycling easier and more fun. Pannier racks make commuting and shopping easier, so you can boost your ‘incidental exercise’.

Recommended ride: Blacktop

reid blacktop - Reid ® - Get fit, fast!

Performance – The road racer

Now you’re ready to rock and roll. Perhaps, you’re a strong runner that’s considering your next challenge. Accordingly, you may be keen to ride 100 kilometres or start riding triathlons. You might be an uber-fast commuter with the need for speed. Clipless pedals and shoes are the easiest upgrades that you can make to your speed and power.

Osprey WSD

Recommended ride: Falco Elite

Lifestyle – The social rider

Riding is a social event. Whether off to get a coffee with friends or for a picnic in the park, a gentle stroll is still helping you to stay fit. Vintage bicycles offer freedom and convenience while allowing you to cruise the streets in style. Significantly, with full-length mud and chain guards, you can wear everyday outfits, without the fear of ruining them. The feel and functionality of our retro bikes will have you addicted in no time.

Recommended ride: Ladies Classic 7-Speed

couple cycling

Happy riding!

No matter where you’re starting off, cycling is a great way to get rolling and get fit. If you’d like some advice on how to get started, check out our dealer locator tool and contact your local stockist for advice.

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