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Ride On review the Granite

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Simply put, Gravel-grinders (aka All-Road, Adventure Road or Dirt-Road-Racers) are like a CX (Cylcocross) bike built for Endurance riding. The features that make these bikes perfect for dirty distance racing across varied terrain also make them perfect for all-conditions commuting but don’t take our word for it, here’s what Ride On had to say:

‘What jumps out at you first about the REID Granite is how slick and complete it all looks. There isn’t a detail that’s an afterthought; everything has a place and purpose. The muted colour scheme, the beefy tyres and the robust angles all work together to help you recalibrate your perception what a REID bike is.

Looks aside though, this is a fun bike. Straight away I wanted to hit the road less ridden and start pushing it over every bit of gravel and varied terrain I could find on my ride.

It loved the chunky bluestone and sleepers of abandoned railway tracks along the river near home, and the slippery gravel corners and potholes of unsealed roads. The light weight at the front end, aided by the carbon fibre fork, really helped get it up over the sleepers and keep me on course, rubber side down.

I am normally quite reserved when riding a bike for the first time, but the fact I could tackle just about anything really made me push myself and the Granite over a huge variety of terrain I wouldn’t dare approach on my road bike. Our other tester for this bike tested it on heavily rutted firetrails and single-track up around Woodend one day, and was surprised with its speedy performance in a paceline the next.

For those playing at home, this bike is more gravel than road. Less racey than a CX bike, its higher clearance and tougher stance is better suited to a longer day bashing about the firetrails than to a quick jaunt around the CX track. If you’re considering a true road bike, then this isn’t necessarily for you—it’s a fraction overbuilt for Beach Road—but if you want a solid commuter that can still take on the trails with confidence, then look no further. With the requisite infrastructure for rack mounts on the forks and seatstays, you can make the commute backpack-free, or even recruit the Granite for some light-touring.

The geometry allows you to sit back and anchor your weight through the back wheel, and really put down the power.

For those of you looking to get an adventure road bike but without breaking the bank, then the Reid Granite is a great option to consider. While the weight could be offputting for some, its stability, strength and good looks is what draws me back.’

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