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5 reasons you should start riding to work

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There’s so many reasons to start riding to work – we’ve rounded up our top 5 to convince you that riding to work is the best way to commute. You’ll save money, get fitter, healthier and happier, and you can feel good about saving the environment.

1. Exercise


Riding to work is a great way to easily incorporate exercise into your daily routine. No need to find time in your busy schedule to hit the gym, your commute will serve a double purpose – getting you to work and getting your fitter and healthier.



You will be surprised how quickly your fitness can improve with a regular schedule of daily exercise. The first couple of weeks will be tough, but soon you’ll be completing your daily commute – and even further – with ease.


2. Save money


How much do you spend on petrol or gas? How much is parking each day? And have you ever really sat down and worked out how much catching the train or bus actually costs you a year? Do some calculations – we can guarantee you’ll be surprised at how expensive driving and catching public transport can be.



Riding to work on the other hand is much, much cheaper – no parking, no petrol and no train tickets! In a recent Australian study, the average commuter spent AUD$2,659 (GBP£1,644) a year driving their car, AUD$1,286 (GBP£738) a year catching public transport and only AUD$72 (GBP£44) a year maintaining their bike.


3. There’s no timetable or schedule!


With trains and buses there’s schedules and timetables to stick to. When it comes to driving you know if you don’t leave at a certain time you’ll run into peak hour traffic and never make it to work on time. Not to mention the delays thanks to train faults or traffic incidents. It’s an unpredictable nightmare – and there’s nothing you can do about it.


But if you’re riding your bike to work, the only schedule you need to adhere to is your own. Running late? Just pedal faster. Left the house early? Take easy street, and enjoy a relaxed commute. There’s hardly ever a delay and not really anything to slow you down.

4. Arrive happier and more focused


A recent study conducted in Australia found that commuters driving their car or catching public transport arrived at work feeling tired and unmotivated a massive 85% of the time. When compared to those who rode their bike to work, the cyclists arrived feeling energised and focused 88% of the time, and tired only 12% of the time.



They also found that people were much happier and less frustrated while riding their bike. It’s really that simple. Want to be happier at work? It may not be your job. It might be your commute. Give cycling a go, and experience the positive impact for yourself.


5. Good for the environment


Bikes are the ultimate clean-energy vehicles – they don’t run on harmful chemicals, they run on pedal power. The only thing you’re burning is calories. In the UK, if all commutes under 5 miles were undertaken on a bike instead of by car, collectively they would save 44,000 tonnes of CO2 every week. Imagine what all those destructive emissions are doing to the environment. Riding your bike creates zero emissions, it’s essentially pollution free.



So jump on your bike! Haven’t got on? Check out our awesome range of commuter bikes ranging from the low maintenance singlespeed, to bikes designed specifically for women, and the ultimate commuting machine that will take you from weekday commute to weekend adventure.


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