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Trying to decide which Ladies Vintage Bike is your perfect match? Our range of retro cycles has something for every rider – from the commuter to the weekend cruiser. If you want to get there in style, this guide is for you!

Ladies Classic 7-Speed


I’m for the rider with an affinity for vintage style.

If you’re headed to the beach for a weekend cruise, the local market to grab some fresh produce or on a short commute to work, the Classic Plus is the perfect all-rounder to get you there in style.

You’ll love me because…

» I’m a super smooth and comfortable ride
» My step-through dips low so you won’t have to compromise your fashion choices – leave the lycra at home
» With 7-Speed gearing and thumb shifter, headwinds and hills are no problem


What makes me unique…


» I have the widest selection of colours with a gloss finish – there’s a colour match to express every rider’s unique style
» You can complete my Instagram-worthy look with front basket kit and liner



Does it sound like I’m the one? Shop the Classic Plus now >>

Reid Ladies Vintage Petite


Vintage Ladies Petite 24” – $249.99


Need a smaller cycle? I’m the one for you!

All the benefits of the Classic Plus, just for shorter riders, the Petite 24” is perfect for those 142cm to 157cm in height.

You’ll love me because…

  • I’m a tough cruiser, uphill treks and windy weather won’t put the brakes on your weekend adventures
  • Calling all the shorter ladies – I’m the one for you


What makes me unique…


  • I’ve got smaller wheels, so I’m easy for shorter or younger riders to handle
  • With a smaller leather-look saddle and matching grips, I’m built to cater for shorter riders


Pick me! I’m the one! Shop the Petite now >>


Vintage Ladies Lite – $349.99


I may look like the Classic, but I’m a little lighter and come with a few sweet upgrades!

Lighter and smoother than my Classic Plus sister, the Vintage Ladies Lite features an Aluminium Alloy frame and is perfect for longer rides. If you’re in no rush to get to work of a morning, the Lite is perfect for easy rides to the office.

You’ll love me because…

  • I’m perfect for short journeys and you’ll be comfortable and stylish the whole way.
  • My step-through frame makes your weekend outing a lycra-free zone – think cute vintage dresses instead!


What makes me unique…


  • My frame is lighter than the Classic, made of Aluminium Alloy.
  • I’ve got a twist-grip shifter, meaning my gears are even easier to change
  • Tough and stylish, I’m perfect if you’ve got a few extra hills to tackle


Looking for something a little lighter? I’m it! Shop the Lite now >>


Reid Ladies Vintage Lite Bike



Reid Ladies Vintage Bella Bike


Vintage Ladies Bella – $329.99


I’m all the essentials with something extra – a little bit of tough and a whole lot of luxe

I’m everything you look for in a vintage bike and more – classic vintage style is re-imagined with a sports-luxe upgrade. I’ve got a new deluxe sweeping frame, upgraded components and a sleek satin finish. Like your favourite premium leather jacket, I’m an investment piece that makes a statement.

You’ll love me because…

  • I’ve got upgraded puncture resistant tyres to keep you moving hassle-free
  • My Shimano TX 7 gears are an essential enhancement for effortless yet precise gear shifting
  • Anywhere you take me, I’ll make a statement


What makes me unique…


  • For a chic take on the classic, I’ve got an exclusive satin paint finish
  • Elegant and practical my redesigned step-through frame makes me easier to handle at speed
  • My enhanced padded grips and saddle exude vintage charm yet maintain classic comfort


Ready to Upgrade? I’m the obvious choice. Shop the Bella now >>


Vintage Ladies Royale – $249.99


I’ll add a regal flair to any weekday commute or weekend cruise.

My innovative design means you sit in a comfortable, upright position as you coast through urban landscapes or cruise down beachside esplanades.

You’ll love me because…

  • My leather-look saddle and matching grips make short commutes stylish and comfortable
  • I’m perfect for cruisy weekend rides and laidback commutes –with a royal elegance


What makes me unique…


  • My frame dips lower making it easier to get on for adventure and off to meet for lunch
  • You’ll sit in a more upright, relaxed posture on me which is great for visibility when riding


Let’s go for a spin! Shop the Royale now >>




Reid Ladies Vintage Royale Bike



Reid Ladies Vintage Deluxe Bike


Vintage Ladies Deluxe – $399.99


For the vintage lover who wants it all – style, comfort and low maintenance.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, low maintenance, super-easy ride then the Deluxe is for you. Unique and Instagrammable, I’m the the crown jewel in the Vintage collection.

You’ll love me because…

  • My lowered, step-through frame means your ensemble options are endless
  • My gears are kept safe and clean, hidden away in a 3-Speed Internal Hub – so I’m low-maintenance and a breeze to ride


What makes me unique…


  • My gorgeous cream-coloured Kenda Kwest tyres set me apart
  • You can change my gears while stopped at lights, so you can easily switch to a lower gear before taking off again
  • I’m made from an Aluminium Alloy, so I’m lightweight and can tackle hills with ease


I’m your perfect picnic partner! Shop the Deluxe now >>


Ladies Esprit – $399.99


I’m for the vintage lover who needs to commute or ride with purpose.

If our vintage range were the Spice Girls, the Esprit would certainly be Sporty Spice. She’s the future of vintage sports bikes with elegant and agile handling – perfect for nipping to the office or the hottest weekend coffee spot.

You’ll love me because…

  • I’ll roll through the urban jungle with ease and get you to work on time
  • Longer outings are no problem – I’m great for weekend adventures
  • No lycra? No worries! I’m built with the fashionable cyclist in mind featuring a lowered frame


What makes me unique…


  • My clean frame design exudes city-slick style, while the tan saddle and matching grips bring back that vintage vibe
  • Thanks to my Hi Ten Thin Steel Frame, I’m the lightest and most agile
  • I’m for the vintage lover who needs to ride a little further and a little faster to their destination


I’ll get you to work in style. Shop the Esprit now >>



Reid Ladies Vintage Esprit Bike





All Reid bikes come with 12 months free servicing, free shipping to most of Australia, a lifetime warranty on frame and rigid forks and 2 years warranty on parts.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should choose Reid Cycles. To find out more about the benefits of buying a Reid Bike click here.

If you’d like some more information, give us a call or come into one of our stores for a warm welcome and friendly advice. In the meantime, check out our full range of Ladies Vintage Bikes.

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