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REID Rider of the month – August

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Guy Bolton is our REID Rider of the Month for July!

Guy Bolton from Australia, who is currently travelling Switzerland on his Granite 1.0 has become our REID Rider of the month for August! Taking awesome photos of his bike and adventures on Instagram and catching our attention using the hashtag #reidbikes, Guy embellishes everything REID.

So we caught up with our REID Rider of the month for a little chat…


Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Guy, a paragliding instructor and firefighter from Australia. Currently in Interlaken, Switzerland to make the most of the mountains.



When and how did you get into bike riding?

My first semi-serious cycling adventures happened more by accident than anything. Getting to France was proving too expensive so I bought myself the cheapest second hand bike I could find from a garage sale and rode through the Alps to Chamonix almost blowing the bike apart on a pothole 20km from the end of the trip.



So, why a trip to Switzerland?

Paragliding. The Alps are home to some of the most spectacular mountains on Earth and as a result the flying is about as good as it gets. Consequently Switzerland also has some pretty spectacular mountain passes which lend themselves well to high speed 2 wheeled descents.



What have you been up to there?

Paragliding, hiking and cycling seem to make up almost the entirety of my time here. I also have countless cliff bar wrappers in my bag which suggests I haven’t been experiencing the local cuisine…



What made you chose the Granite 1.0?

I wanted a do-it-all workhorse of a bike, something I could take for a ride through the valleys in the morning then clip a couple of panniers to and take on multi day trips. I use it for everything, trips to the shops, commuting, downhill blasts and training rides. The 1.0 appealed as Switzerland is notoriously expensive so spare parts were taken into the financial equation, although I haven’t had to touch anything mechanical so far ☺



So, how has the Granite 1.0 treated you?

Like a Swiss watch… its been flawless. It’s taken a beating but I can’t fault it.



What distance has it covered, where have you been with it?

Good question… It gets ridden every day and I haven’t been tracking any of the rides so it’d be a stab in the dark… a long way.



What future adventures do you have planned with the Granite 1.0?

It’s going to be my transport for a trip through Switzerland into Italy and then through the south of France.



What advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

There are countless styles of bikes to choose from, all with a different purpose so take your time to find the style that you’ll get the most out of. The right bike isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Once you have the bike just pick a direction and start riding!

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Have you gotten a taste for travelling? Find out more about us and our Granite 1.0 and start planning your next cycling adventure with REID.



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