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REID Reasons for Riding a Bike

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REID Reasons for Riding a Bike

Here at REID we love riding bikes, in-fact everyone here at REID HQ rides into work. However, we believe cycling offers a lot more than just commuting to work, it opens you up to a whole range of different experiences and has benefits to not only you, but to our planet.

Here are our top REID Reasons for buying yourself a bike.


It’s Cheap!

Compared to the most used form of transport, the car, the bike comes in at a fraction of the cost.  When you ignore the cost of both vehicles, but just take into account the day-to-day costings of each: parking, maintenance and fuel, you can quickly understand how much of a difference this is.

For a full breakdown, the guys over at Cycle Scheme estimated the average annual cost of cycling to work is £396 (Including insurance and breakdown cover!) – which compared to commuting by train (£625) and private car (£3727), is an absolute bargain, keep those extra £££ for treating yourself!



Keep fit.

Now this is the most obvious, or not so obvious benefit from owning your own bike, you keep fit, A great way to lose weight and simultaneously grow muscle, cycling engages all major muscle groups, from legs, to your core and back and even your arms! On face value this would be enough to persuade many people to take up the bike, however when you scratch a little deeper you find that cycling has not just short-term benefits but scientific studies have shown how great riding your bike is for long term health. 20 miles a week on a bike can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%, whilst also boost your immune system, so you can keep yourself externally and internally ready for anything!

The most popular form of fitness is running, and a 2014 study showed that riding a bike is actually better for you than running, well you shouldn’t argue with science. It’s a low impact sport and compare this to running and you’ll never think about choosing walking over riding again. Whilst running is great for fitness, two to three times your body weight going through your body when your foot strikes the ground, amplified through your knees and ankle, can leave not just your muscles sore but can also damage ligaments and tendons. So maybe next time you fancy doing some cardio, choose bike, most of your weight is taken by the saddle, so your skeleton doesn’t take a battering.



Socialise:  Family, friends and First dates.

Cycling is an activity for everyone, from grandchild to grandparents, and the perfect family activity. The little one can always end up in a bike trailer if they get tired, whilst the rest of you continue exploring. A great way to spend some outdoor family time, whilst also getting in some exercise, why not plan a route to stop for lunch to break up the riding before carrying on with your family adventure. Think about everything you miss driving by at 40 miles plus an hour, anything interesting is gone in seconds, make your next family outing a bike ride and take in everything you’d normally miss.

Additionally, a great activity with friends, step up your casual bike ride to the next level, by recording your riding on StravaEndomondo, or a host of other apps. Race against your friends, for fastest time or fastest speed and get real world progress on your fitness, comparable to riders around the globe. Or if you have a less competitive friendship, have a nice ride through the countryside or beachside, grab a drink along the way and enjoy being outdoors.

A Bike ride is also the perfect activity for a date! Get in sync with the way each of you ride, have a laugh, joke about and enjoy each other’s company. Why go to the cinema in silence, when you can be free to go where you like, whilst being able to talk to each other the whole rise. Even if he/she doesn’t like going off-road and ripping up trails, then compromise by having a nice cruise and enjoying each other’s company. Plan your route to go by your favourite pub, food spot or explore somewhere brand new and have a date to remember.

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Save the planet.

On top of all of this, you’re also doing your bit for the planet, you know, that piece of rock, hurling and spinning through space that we all live on. In fact, a study from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy in 2015, found that if only 14% of travel in cities was done by bike, carbon emission would drop by 11% by 2050. On top of this another study  by the European Cyclists Federation, estimated that cars release out 271g of carbon dioxide per kilometre of travel, whereas a bike emits just 21g (this is due to production, cycling itself emits nothing!).

If just 1 percent of the driving population switched to bikes, it would translate to a 2 to 4 percent reduction in mobile emissions, so maybe swap to bike next time you go to work and pop to a local shop.

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Peaked your interest in riding?

Check out our full range of bikes and make the right decision of riding and riding REID, giving you and your planet the boost it needs.

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