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Back to School and back on the bike!

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Summer is over and school is back, but there’s no need to frown and commit to the car. Get on your bike and start your day right, cycling is a great stress reliever and has been linked to increased productivity throughout the day. Not only this, but keep fit, keep sociable and keep enjoying the outdoors!

Get creative with your route. If this is a path less travelled, then you may want to take to Google, select your school, choose ‘bike’ and test out the route. However, as you get more comfortable with your surroundings and discover more in the local area, test out shortcuts, longcuts, that pathway you’ve never gone down, the road your crush lives down and find route(s) that give you the most enjoyment. Cycling to school is often quicker than driving with traffic, so enjoy yourself, cruise with friends, leave a little earlier and have an adventure before school, get those creative juices flowing and start another day of learning, the right way.

Escape to the Hunter -- 2

Keep fit and stay green. Don’t waddle on and off the school bus, cycle to school, and stay fit, not only for yourself but others. Keep in shape, whilst also doing your bit for the environment, by swapping the car for bike, saving you money on petrol and the world on emissions. Cycling is great for building leg muscle, improving cardiovascular performance and burning calories, so save time at the gym by cycling to school, and spend those extra minutes with your friend. Even spend some of those calories you just burnt, by treating yourself to a snack from the cafeteria!

Parking couldn’t be easier. Most schools now offer bike racks under CCTV protection, so never worry about finding a space to park your bike or losing it once it’s there again.  Make sure to register your bike with REID and if the worst of the worst does happen and someone does steal your bike, we can retrieve your serial number and all identifying qualities of your bikes to give to the authorities.

Customise your bike. Make your bike, your bike, add a basket, add mudguards, and make the most of all the mounting options we offer. Carrying your bags and books to school couldn’t be easier with all the great customisable options available, with most of our range of Ladies Vintage bikes offering a large rear pannier rack.


So what are you waiting for? If you have a bike already, make sure to get It checked (tyres, gears and brakes) before heading out.  If you’re in the market for a new bike, check out our full range!

Have a great year at school, make this year, your year.

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