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REID Rider of the month – October

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Jack O’Halloran is our REID Rider of the Month for October

Jack, our seconda REID Rider of the Month from New Zealand, has become our REID Rider of the month for October on his Ares Fat Bike! Jack is a true REID Rider, being only 14 years old and taking awesome photos and videos of his adventures by bike on his Instagram (@nz_adventurer) using #reidbikes


So we spoke to Jack to find out more about him…

Kia Ora (Mauri for Hello), I’m Jack, I’m 14 years old and I am a professional explorer! I travel around the world exploring new places. I focus a lot on rock climbing and mountaineering, although I also enjoy scuba diving, whitewater kayaking, and of course mountain biking on my REID Fat Bike!!



At 14 years old, you’re quite the adventurer, what’s been your biggest challenge to date?

April 2017 I took on my biggest challenge, climbing New Zealand’s north islands’ 4 highest mountains in 3 days! This was more so mentally challenging than physically, not sleeping for 3 days and climbing up a mountain at that altitude really kills you! At one point I think I was so tired I was hallucinating everywhere and nearly walked off a cliff!



So, when and how did you get into bike riding?

I’ve always had a thing for bikes, ever since I was young. Growing up I’ve always loved riding, I’ve grown up on bikes and always been a natural at it, I think I bike more than I walk nowadays!

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And what made you choose the Ares FatBike?

I first heard about Fat Bikes about a year ago, I was hooked on the idea I could ride across and over almost anything, that concept matched my perfect style of bike. After doing a lot of research I chose the Ares, quite simply because of the great design, the light frame and sturdy forks make off-roading on the Ares much easier than any other Fat Bike I’ve test ridden, I particularly loved the wide handlebars for extra control through uneven surfaces.

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We’ve seen on your Instagram that you say ‘Anywhere’s a road with a Fat Bike’, what and where have you been with our Ares?

Just as I said ‘anywhere’s a road with a Fat Bike’ literally, you will be surprised how easy the Ares rides over terrain that is near impossible on a normal size tire. I’ve been up knee-deep rivers, over snow and ice, up and down sand dunes, this bike is a machine! The construction fits this type of riding perfectly. The tyres are so big they absorb and churn anything up in their path, they have a low psi level meaning tackling things like tree roots is a breeze because they can roll over them so easy. The tyres are great for adapting to the style of riding you are doing; when I’m riding on the road I inflate the tires but when I’m riding on soft ground like snow and sand I deflate them a bit for more traction. Imagine a monster truck rolling over anything possible that is exactly how the Ares feels!!

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Do you have any other future adventures planned with our Ares?

I want to try to become the first person to bike down MT Ruapehu, on my Fat Bike, but that’s a long term goal, for now I’m continuing to plan microadventures most weekends on the Ares!!

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What advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

Just simply get out and do it! The only person stopping you is you and your limitations you set yourself! It’s such an amazing sport and such a good release from the stresses of everyday life, go to your local bike shop and talk to a dealer about what you want to do with the bike and the style of riding you are interested in and they will help you out. ‘Make sure to choose a REID bike there the best!’

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Finally, what should we expect from Jack O’Halloran, Adventurer, in the future?

More adventures! I’ve made a promise to myself to never stop exploring, do what I love, and live my life to the absolute fullest!!! I plan to keep inspiring others to live their dreams and get out into nature!



Feeling inspired? Find out more about us and our Ares and start planning your next cycling adventure with REID.

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