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REID Rider of the month – November

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@Dear_Noah is our REID Rider of the Month for November!

Noah has become our REID Rider of the month for November on his Classic 16″! Noah is a true REID Rider, being only 3 years old and taking to his REID like a fish to water and sharing his adventures on his first bike on Instagram (@dear_noah) using #reidbikes.

So we caught up with Noah and his mum to find out more about him

Introduce yourself… 

My name is Joanne and my son is Noah. He is 3 and we are from Dublin, Ireland.


When and how did Noah get into bike riding? 

We got this beautiful bike for his 3rd birthday back in June and he took to it so quickly. We found your bikes online in a shop in Dublin (Cyclebike!) and went in to let Noah have a go, prior to his birthday. We wanted to make sure he could ride considering he was only about to be 3. Once he got on the bike, we couldn’t get him off. He spent close to an hour cycling around the shop (indoors!) and it had looked like he had been cycling for years! A few days later, he woke up to his beautiful new Reid Mint Bike.

DSC_7155Birthday Tradition!

So what made you chose the Classic 16″?

We thought it was super cool, with an awesome vintage feel. It’s the exact bike I would buy for myself, only a few sizes smaller!

DSC_7146Birthday Tradition!-2

And is this Noah’s first bike? 

Yes and with an adjustable and really comfortable saddle, it gives Noah lots of time with his first bike before he outgrows it!


How’s Noah getting along with the fine art of riding? 

It’s like he’s been doing it for years. He rides it perfectly. Granted, he still has stabilisers on, although he’s already asking me when we can take them off!

DSC_7134Birthday Tradition!

What and where have you been with your Classic 16″?

We ride up and down the neighbourhood near out house. There’s a straight treelined road with a wide footpath. We also take it to one of our local paths where we don’t have to worry about cars. There are wide open spaces where Noah can really get moving…and my heart rate goes up a few beats!!

DSC_7303Birthday Tradition!

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

Plenty – I imagine this is just the beginning for this bike. It’s currently parked at the front door, where Noah left it this morning before school, at the ready for our next adventure.

DSC_7142Birthday Tradition!

Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

I would say what are you waiting for? It’s never too early or late to learn. And cycling is always an excuse to turn off your tv, put down your phones and get out in the fresh air.

DSC_7311Birthday Tradition!

So what are you waiting for? Put down your phone and get out in the fresh air with your family this weekend. No person too small or too large for our Mint Green Classic, from 3ft to 6ft tall.

Classic Generation1

Classic Generation2


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