Why a bike should be the top of your Christmas list.

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Who remembers their first bike?

I know I do, that feeling of mystery, potential, and freedom I had been given was almost overwhelming, even at 7. The rest is history, all the falls, all the bruises, but most importantly the learning curve of getting back on and knowing that one day, this incredible invention would allow me to meet friends as a teenager, commute to work and become one of my favourite hobbies. That’s why we think a bike is a Christmas present priority, for all ages. It gives you freedom, responsibility, exercise and the ability to explore your local area and places that were once beyond convenient walking distance.

A bike doesn’t need to be boring.

At REID, we appreciate that everyone has their own style, own personality and we’ve made it a mission to make sure that a bike is more than just ‘a bike’ and instead is a representation of you and who you are. That’s why we have such a wide range, to cater for all and all experiences that can be had by bike. From Fat Bikes to Vintage, we offer a variety of different styles and a plethora of colours, so that you can always find a REID that best suits you and your needs. Our Ladies Classic makes for the best Christmas present, for a mother, sister, daughter or friend, coming in over 10 different colours, there’s no excuse for not finding one they’ll like. Check out the full range of colours HERE.


Bike size

So you’ve found the perfect bike and the perfect colour, but what about size? If you’re looking at our Ladies Vintage range, which I hope you have by this point, then we’ve got a handy size guide which can be seen below.

Ladiesvintagesizeconversion - Reid ® - Why a bike should be the top of your Christmas list.

However if Ladies vintage isn’t the style you have in mind, then there are many other ways to find out what size is best for your present. You can contact us regarding any of our bike models and as long as you have the height of the receiver of the present, we’ll be able to let you know which size fits best.

Alternatively, go to your local IBD (Independent bike dealer), they’re usually friendly and more than willing to help. These people see bikes day in, day out, live and breathe it and will know exactly what size will be best. They’ll also be able to help you in choosing the ideal bike if you’ve not yet decided and point you in the direction of some lovely stocking fillings, in the way of lights and locks.

Whether riding to clear your head on an enjoyable solo cycle or a big group ride to the best breakfast in town, a bike gives you the versatility to enjoy new experiences. This is why we’ve pinned it to the top of our Christmas list and recommend you do too.



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