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REID Rider of the month – December

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Rosie (@springett91) is our REID Rider of the Month for December!

Rosie has become our REID Rider of the month for December on her Metallic Blue Ladies Esprit! Having won her bike through our giveaway with our collaboration with Jack Wills, we caught up with Rosie to see how her new bike is treating her.

Introduce yourself… 

My name is Rosie, I’m 26 and I live in the lovely area of Wimbledon in London.


When and how did you get into bike riding?

I started a new job which I discovered was an easy cycle commute instead of getting the bus or tube, I’ve now been commuting to and from work for 7 months. I get to cycle through Richmond Park so it couldn’t be a better way to start the morning! My previous job had meant I was stuck on the busy tube for an hour each way, I definitely love being able to wake up knowing I can just hop on my bike to get to work, even if the British weather doesn’t always go to plan!


So you won our Bike Giveaway with Jack Wills, how did it feel like to win?

I genuinely couldn’t believe my eyes! I entered the competition because my bike was stolen just 3 weeks after I’d bought it through a work cycle scheme. It felt like karma was truly working in my favour that day. I would never have been able to afford such a gorgeous bike and I’m so thankful to have won.

As you mentioned, your previous bike was stolen, so, how is to have a brand new bike again?

It’s great being back on my own bike, my boss had kindly let me borrow his bike for a while but it makes such a difference having your own.

What and where have you been with it?

I use it mostly for my commute but it’s become very useful to nip to local friends houses and epic bike rides around Richmond Park. As soon as I become more confident with cycling on London roads I’m sure I’ll use the bike to get around everywhere!



And how have you found the Ladies Esprit?

It’s the perfect bike for my commute where I have to tackle some road and some track. It also looks great too which always makes me happy, I love that it’s a bike brand not everyone has heard of here too, I feel like I’m in on a great secret.



Do you have any big plans for your new bike?

I’ve become really inspired by programmes I’ve seen recently about cycling around areas in Britain, we’re so lucky to have an incredible array of beautiful countryside, I’d love to explore it by bike.


Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never commuted by bike or even ridden a bike?

Definitely give it a try, I’m certainly not an outdoorsy fanatic but I’ve fully embraced the freedom of getting out on your bike into the local nature. I think it’s a wonderful way to explore your surroundings and further afield.



Ready to ride? Find out more about us and our Ladies Esprit and start commuting the right way with REID. 


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