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REID Rundown on Winter Riding

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As winter is now in full force, REID gives you the rundown on what to look for in a winter bike. Fortunately, many of our bikes are perfect for all year round, so if you can’t afford a dedicated winter bike, then we’ve got you covered.



Winter bike geometry often mimics that of an endurance or gravel grinder style of bike. Often with a taller head tube, and shorter reach, enabling you to sit in a more upright position. The wheelbase is usually longer and the head angle is usually slacker than a traditional road bike, closer to 70 than 73 . This allows for a greater degree of stability, ideal for those wet and icy conditions.

However, not all riders will want a massive geometry change between summer and winter bikes. So if you’re in the market for a ‘one bike that fits all’ that will last, take a look at our All-Conditions Gravel-Grinding Granite 1.0, with a slack 70-degree head tube.


Lightweight 6061 alloy gravel-grinder frame, compact Shimano gearing and disc brakes for performance in all conditions. Built for weekend adventures or the dirtiest of commutes.



The standard width for a tyre was grown in recent years, with road bikes now being 25mm instead of 23mm. Wider tyres allow you to run at a lower pressure, creating more contact with the ground, therefore meaning more grip, better rolling resistance and comfort on uneven roads.

This enhanced grip and ability to run at a lower pressure becomes vital on winter roads where they are often wet and slippery. Winter bikes therefore need the tyre clearance to manage at least 25mm, to gain the benefits needed for winter riding.

The important feature here is that the chassis itself must promise clearance for at least 25mm, ideally 28mm+ tyres. Luckily for you, our Fat Bikes trump the lot, with Huge 4″ Tyres (101.6mm), meaning you will find yourself floating through sand, snow, mud and other variable terrain, offering an off-road riding experience like no other.


Designed to be ridden at 15 PSI, compared to the standard 25-65 for regular MTB’s, our Fat Bikes ensure a grip like a vice, no matter what the conditions.


Disc Brakes

Disc brakes do not rely upon the wheel rim to provide adequate braking, because rather than a pad pressing on a slippy, usually filthy wheel rim, they employ a caliper that closes around a purpose-made disc. This results in braking speed not being affected by rims becoming wet, meaning they’re especially helpful on winter bikes, as braking becomes reliable in all conditions.  It also fights against premature wear on your rim, as debris can no longer be kicked up from the road and lodged between the brake pad and rim.

No need to grab hold of the brake levers and hoping for the best with Disc Brakes, stoppage is assured! Our Urban X2 utilises Tektro Mechanical disc brakes making it the perfect Urban bike for performance in all conditions.


Designed with a relaxed urban geometry and featuring ergonomic grips, the Urban X2 is perfect for those with a longer commute, or those looking for a versatile bike that can still crank out the miles on the weekend.


It’s remarkable the difference mudguards make, even if it’s only the road that’s wet. Keeping you both cleaner and dryer, these become pretty much essential for winter riding, making for a much more enjoyable ride and eliminating the risk of spraying the poor rider behind you!

They also protect the bike itself, meaning the benefits aren’t just for you. Shielding your frame from everything that gets spat up from the road, including grime, gunk, gravel and everything else you may find on your journey.

With a lightweight alloy frame with plenty of mounting options for racks and mudguards, our Transit it is the perfect customisable commuter for all year round cycling.


The perfect entry-level bike for commuting to school or work. Lightweight and with 21 speeds, this ideal stylish commuter will take you where you need to go, even on the hilliest of commute.


It’s one of the most overlooked accessories, however during the winter you’re going to need these to hand pretty much everytime you go out.

With the sun setting around 4pm in winter, it’s more important than ever to always have a set of lights with you. If you’re riding in dense coverage or through heavy rain or fog, you may even need them in the middle of the day, it get’s pretty dark out there come the winter months.

You may not want to leave your lights on your bike when it’s locked up, which is why there’s always need for a spare pair that you can leave at the office and home because inevitably, you’ll forget them one day and your trusty spares will come in handy. We’d hate to hear of something happening to one of our REID Riders who didn’t have lights, so make sure to get yourself a few pairs this winter, even the smallest, cheapest makes the difference in visibility.

We’ve got a wide selection of Lights at different price points and strength to tackle all types of darkness. We even colour match some to our Vintage range of bikes, so check them out and make sure to stay safe this winter.


That’s all from the REID Rundown on Winter Riding, hopefully, you’re now a little more informed and ready to hit the roads safely in style!


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