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REID Rider of the month – January

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Jason (@jaselynch) is our REID Rider of the Month for January!

Jason has become our REID Rider of the month for January on his Vantage Endurance! He caught our eye on his epic journeys that he shares on Instagram using our hashtag #reidbikes. We caught up with Jason to find out a little bit more…

Introduce yourself… 

I’m the technical director for a digital media company in Sydney (Wax Interactive). I love records, whisky, and more recently bikes. I have a wife and two kids! We love doing family bike rides together (My sons in a wheelchair and has a motorised attachment for his chair that allows us to go for family rides).


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When and how did you get into bike riding
Mid 2016 I had the realisation that my obesity and high cholesterol would likely kill me before my kids turned 20. I started riding my bike to the train, riding a little further each day. For the last year and a bit now I ride a 45km round trip to work each day. I’m 25kg lighter, and cholesterol is way down. And now I’m addicted! Cycling is the one form of physical exercise that doesn’t suck.


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So what made you choose the Vantage Endurance?

I was riding a flat bar mountain bike, and was starting to have wrist issues on my 20km rides. Plus I wanted to go faster. I knew I wanted drop bars, so I tried a few bikes at various shops, and the Vantage just felt right. I wanted a road bike, and the Vantage Endurance geo seemed ideal for commuting. The 105 and disc brakes were the clincher, plus the darker colour was right up my alley!




And how has the Vantage Endurance treated you?

The Vantage Endurance has been a great bike. Since buying it in Oct 16, it’s done over 8500km. Other than the regular servicing the only issue has been that I destroyed
the back wheel (lots of rough roads and excess weight). I now have a custom built, bulletproof 32 spoke rear wheel built by Greg at TWE, which is running a tubeless Schwalbe G-One speed. I’ll get the matching front wheel at some point later this year too. Otherwise it’s been solid as.


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What and where have you been with it?

I generally commute 45km round trip to my work in the CBD every day, as well as a group ride once a week. Last September I did my first bikepacking trip… 300km from Cockle Creek to Parramatta, via Wolombi and Dharug National Park. I also recently completed my first Newcastle Overnight. 170km from Observatory Hill in Sydney to Nobbys in Newcastle.


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Do you have any other future adventures planned?

Going to go along for the 185km leg of the Southerly Buster in Feb (overnight ride from Newtown to Kiama). Also hoping to get one or two more bikepacking trips with a few mates this year — the first of which will be 3 or so days in Barrington Tops. The eventual goal is to do a solo bikepacking trip between two capital cities… perhaps Adelaide to Melbourne in 2019.


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Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

I started off not being able to do 3-4kms without wanting to die. I started out by riding to my local train station, then catching the train to work. When I became comfortable with that, I rode a little further to the next station. Eventually I was riding > 20km without batting an eyelid.

Additionally, I recently did an analysis on commuting via bike vs train on my blog ( It’s an interesting look at the health and financial benefits of getting on the bike vs standing on a crowded, hot train every day!


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Vantage Endurance 2.0


Optimised to eat up the longest commute, tackle any distance Road event and give you the perfect platform for the most challenging of days in the saddle.


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