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REID Rider of the Month March

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Maxime (@maximeeeeeeeee) is our REID Rider of the Month for March!

Maxime has become our REID Rider of the month for March on her Ladies Classic! She caught our eye on her Instagram using our hashtag #reidbikes after posting a blog about her and her REID bike! We caught up with Maxime to find out a little bit more…


Introduce yourself:

My name is Maxime and I am known from ‘The Beachy Peachy Blonde‘. A blog about a girl living I a tropical paradise.

I am a 90’s child born in England, with a Belgian nationality who’s now living in New Zealand. As you already guessed it, I moved here for a handsome kiwi surfer.  We live in a beautiful East Coast beach town, called Gisborne.



When and how did you get into bike riding:

I’m European, so we’re all used to bike riding over there. Biking to school, work or just around the neighbourhood, that’s the way I grew up. Here in New Zealand it’s a bit less common as the roads are not always provided with a bike path, it can be very dangerous.




What made you choose REID & why the Ladies Classic:

I’ve always wanted one of those beautiful vintage bicycles with a basket. REID offers them in all my favourite colours.




How has the Ladies Classic treated you:

It’s been great!

I’ve had my Coffee Ladies Classic for over 7 months now and have used it almost every day.




What and where have you been with it:

I love going for a bike ride in the morning to my local coffee shop, my favourite spot on the beach and even the farmers market. There I fill up my basket with fresh fruit & veggies.




Do you have any other future adventures planned:

I’m hoping to go back to Europe for summer to see my family and do some travelling. But don’t think I’ll be able to fit my beautiful bicycle in my suitcase 🙁


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Find out more about Maxime, over on her blog!

REID Ladies Classic in Coffee


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