2018 Reid City Pulse eBike Review

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Reid City Pulse eBike review

This month, Bike Exchange Australia published a Reid City Pulse eBike review. Here are a few quotes from their review article.

“Much like it’s more expensive siblings, the Pulse makes use of a hydroformed aluminium frame. Sturdy in its construction, the frame doesn’t have the smoothest welds going, but they are consistent and without questionable gaps.”

“There are some surprisingly high-end features to be seen, such as the internal cable routing. This adds a clean and polished aesthetic. A rigid steel fork features up front, well suited to the urban environments the bike is designed to traverse.”

7R38147 - Reid ® - 2018 Reid City Pulse eBike Review

“With a comfortable riding position and a long wheelbase, the bike offered up great stability at speed.”

“In line with Australian standards for pedal assist e-bikes, the unit produces 250 watts of assistance to the rider with a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h.”

“The handlebar-mounted computer displays basic metrics to the rider in addition to serving as a remote for cycling through the assistance levels. Also, it powers the integrated lights and turns the drive unit on and off.”

7R38086 - Reid ® - 2018 Reid City Pulse eBike Review

 “Despite the entry-level nature of the components, the crisp shift quality of the Shimano groupset (when maintained) is to be commended.”

“The list of additional features fitted to the Pulse is impressive given the price of the bike. An integrated lighting solution in the form of front and rear LED lights also feature. Interestingly, this feature is not typically seen on bikes in this price range.”

“Bafang and Reid claim a battery life of 40-70 kilometres from a full battery. However, our test bike easily eclipsed these claimed figured… Achieving in excess of 80 km to a full charge, the Pulse easily outdid the company’s claimed range. “

7R38742 - Reid ® - 2018 Reid City Pulse eBike Review

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