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REID World Cup

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With the FIFA World Cup starting tomorrow, we thought we’d rank the qualified countries that REID Bikes are available in, from most likely to win, to least likely.

Germany – https://reidbikes.de/

One of our newest distributors, but not new to the World Cup scene, Germany is going into this World Cup as Favourites, having won the competition 4 times previously.  We’re hoping the success of the national team mirrors the success of our bikes in Germany, which only entered the country at the start of the year.


France – https://reidbikes.fr/index.php

One of the youngest teams in the World Cup and one of the youngest distributor relationships with REID, France will be looking to show everyone what they’re made of and how youth can prevail this summer.


Spain – https://www.reidbikes.es/

Having one of the most vintage and classic styles of football (Tika taka), Spain despite an ageing team, will be looking to turn back the clock for this World Cup. They match their vintage football tactics with their bikes, by only stocking our Vintage range!


Argentina – https://lordbike.com.ar

Another newbie for REID, but by no means new to the world of Elite Football, Argentina will be battling for the trophy, having lost in the final to Germany in the last World Cup and will be bringing along one of the greatest to grace the field with them (for maybe the last time!), Lionel Messi.


England – http://www.reidbikes.com/

Where do we start, England houses the International head office for REID meaning there’s lots of potential and promise here.  Unfortunately, the England team hasn’t taken a leaf out of REID’s book and often doesn’t live up to its fans high expectations.  Fingers crossed their promise and potential can turn into success this summer.


Portugal – http://www.reidbikes.com/dealers/find-a-retailer/?country=por

Home to one of the best players ever to grace the field, Ronaldo and home to just one REID Retailer, Portugal could be the darkhorse to surprise us all, both in the World Cup and getting REID’s on the road!


Iceland – https://www.reidhjolaverzlunin.is

We’ve been in Iceland since 2016, funnily enough, the year the Icelandic football made it onto the map. During the Euros Iceland fans quickly became viral after their widely celebrated ‘Iceland Viking Clap’, we’ll be clapping all the way to Reykjavik if Iceland pulls out all the stops this year.


Switzerland – http://shop.lorisconcept.com/

One of the smaller nations in the World Cup and one of the smallest countries we distribute in terms of the population, do not underestimate the determination and promise of Switzerland, who despite this small population still managed to remain one of the largest sellers of REID worldwide.


Australia – https://www.reidcycles.com.au/

The home of REID but unfortunately very far from the home of Football. Although REID found fame and success starting in Australia, we’re not betting the Socceroos to do the same this World Cup as they come up against the Worlds footballing giants.


Korea – http://www.reidbikes.com/dealers/find-a-retailer/?country=south-korea

Korea has just received their first order of REID Bikes, now this is definitely a positive for the country, but might not be a big enough boost to have them lifting the World Cup this summer, only time will tell!


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