Q & A with Kyle Gouveia, International Marketing Executive

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This week we sit down with our International Marketing Executive, Kyle Gouveia at our International Head Office in Bournemouth, to find out a little more about him, his role at REID what he does to unwind…

So, Kyle, tell us a little about yourself…

Hey! I’m Kyle, 24, originally from the small island of Jersey but now residing in Bournemouth. I enjoy going on adventures, no matter how small they are and exploring new places.


How did you get involved with REID?

I moved to Bournemouth from Jersey to study Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University. A year after finishing and trialling a few jobs in the industry, I decided I wanted to move into something product related and a good quality product that the customers using it actually liked! I applied for the job at REID and after a few interviews, happily joined the small international team.


What do you do enjoy most about your role?

It’s great to work for a brand where your customers love your product, I thoroughly enjoy seeing new pictures every day on Instagram (#reidbikes) of people smiling riding our bikes. I enjoy being at the helm of all B2C communications, whether this is writing blogs, creating graphics, writing social, running Instagram, organising photoshoots and planning all future activities, it’s great to be able to shape the way we move forward. I also thoroughly enjoy communicating and supporting our distributors in their specific countries, it’s such a great opportunity and great fun, creating marketing material for 6 different continents, often in the same day!


Where do you see REID going in the future?

Since I started in May 2017 we have already expanded into another 7 countries and I don’t see this slowing down any time soon. REID offer a great value bike and a great price and as much as some of the bigger brands throw loads of money at marketing, at a price to price comparison,  honestly believe our bikes look better and they’re definitely better specced. So, I believe we will continue to grow our community of REID riders worldwide, whilst keeping true to our mantra of providing a great affordable bike and get more people cycling as we don’t have a high price barrier to entry.


What’s an average day in the life of Kyle Gouveia?

Wake up around 6:30 am and just lie there for a while soaking in that waking up feeling. I’ll then get myself ready and ride into to work for 8 am, I live so close to work it only takes 5 minutes. As we are a small team there’s always loads to do and it’s always varied so there isn’t an average day at REID as such, which I rather enjoy. However, I usually check all of our social and engage and interact with our riders or new people to our bikes. I’ll then likely be creating a new blog, a new marketing campaign for a country or planning and scheduling for the future, whilst supporting our distributors with anything they need. I’ll then ride home and relax with my girlfriend for the evening, watching some thought-provoking telly or just nattering the night away.


So, now the important stuff, what bike do you ride?

I ride a downtown and I love it. I got it shortly after joining REID after my previous bike was stolen and haven’t looked back since. I’ve actually never owned a single speed before and always used to just commute on an MTB, when I see people commute on MTB’s now I just think how unfit for purpose it is. My downtown is no fuss, easy, get on and ride, I’ve never had an issue with it and I actually find no gears and no suspension a benefit, I’m always at a good resistance for pedalling and no longer waste energy into the suspension.


How do you like to unwind after a week of work?

I’m lucky enough to live in a lovely seaside town and own a kayak, so I enjoy heading out to sea or the River Stour with a friend and having a chilled paddle or fish. I also support our local football team, AFC Bournemouth (Up the Cherries!) and enjoy watching or going to games. Otherwise, I’m always looking to go to a gig or a show, having watched the UFC,  Eminem and gone to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year!


Finally, what advice would you give to none or novice cyclist out there?

Let’s look at the mainstream alternatives, use your legs or use your car. Why would you want to walk or run? I don’t feel good after I walk, or I run, I physically ache and my joints feel sore, also you don’t really get anywhere quickly. With a car, your putting fumes into the environment and a hole in your pocket, let alone the stress from the traffic and the lack of being able to fully take it all in. Now let’s look at cycling. Factually backed that it causes less joint damage than running, quicker than walking, and the ability to explore and take everything in that driving doesn’t offer, I don’t see why you’d move in any other way. Get back to the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, the joy of riding down a big hill and just cruise your local area, I guarantee you’ll see it from a different perspective.

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