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2018 was our first full year of running our popular Reid Rider of the Month blog series! So we thought we’d recap on some of the amazing people we’ve got to know and share with you and the rest of our community. To be in the chance of becoming our Reid Rider of the Month, email or use #reidbikes on Instagram and we’ll find you!


January 2018

Rider: Jason Lynch

Bike: Vantage Endurance 2.0

Story:  I wanted a road bike, and the Vantage Endurance geo seemed ideal for commuting. The 105 and disc brakes were the clincher, plus the darker colour was right up my alley! The Vantage Endurance has been a great bike. Since buying it just over a year ago, it’s done over 8500km. I started off not being able to do 3-4kms without wanting to die. I started out by riding to my local train station, then catching the train to work. When I became comfortable with that, I rode a little further to the next station. Eventually, I was riding > 20km without batting an eyelid.


February 2018

Rider: Melissa

Bike: Hercules

Story: I have had a blast with the Hercules, and so far, the Hercules has treated me well! I usually ride around local state parks such as Wadsworth Falls State Park or River Highland State Park or local bike trails/single-tracks such as Rockland Preserve, Essex Preserve, and the Airline Trail. Also, we just had a snow storm that apparently has been dubbed, “the Bomb Cyclone”, so during this storm, I used the Hercules as my ride to lab when my car was under 10 cm of snow!


March 2018

Rider: Maxime

Bike: Ladies Classic

Story: I’ve always wanted one of those beautiful vintage bicycles with a basket. Reid offers them in all my favourite colours. ve had my Coffee Ladies Classic for over 7 months now and have used it almost every day. I love going for a bike ride in the morning to my local coffee shop, my favourite spot on the beach and even the farmers market. There I fill up my basket with fresh fruit & veggies.

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April 2018

Rider: Pax

Bike: Granite 1.0

Story: I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the ligaments in the knee. My sports specialist advised me to jump on an exercise bike for 30 minutes a day to maintain as much strength in my knee as possible prior to surgery. I searched high and low for the perfect bike. It had to be the ultimate balance between functional, affordable and most importantly it had to look cool! After weeks of searching and taking other bikes out for trialrides, I finally found the Granite 1.0! My Granite 1.0 has helped my maintain strength and endurance in my injured leg prior to surgery. Since surgery in January I’ve been using my Granite 1.0 to get my fitness back up gradually using it at home on a wind turner until I can build the confidence and stamina to start riding outdoors again.


May 2018

Rider: Gustavo

Bike: Granite 2.0

Story:  I didn’t choose the Granite 2.0, she simply chose me. Sometimes the train passes by and we got to jump on it, despite not knowing where it will take us. My Granite 2.0 is fast on the city´s pavement, and it allows me to rapidly escape from it. On weekends the rides are long, and just a few hours away from home I can be riding country roads on gravel and mud. For those who have never enjoyed the pleasure of bike adventuring, I´d say that life is too short not to do it. Grab your bike and go ride it.


June 2018

Rider: Melissa Parsons

Bike: Ladies Classic

Story:  I WON my Reid bike at the Great Candian FitFest and now it’s part of my everyday routine. I bike to and from work, I bike with my dog every evening, and if I need to go anywhere I no longer use my car. It’s a super comfy ride, smooth on the road, and fits my personality perfectly. My advice would be to get out and enjoy nature! I started biking at 29 years old, it’s never too late to get a new hobby.


July 2018

Rider: Josef von Nuding

Bike: CX

Story: You guys made a great bicycle at a very affordable price, that is just what I needed it to be! I’m Cycling in Australia for Charity, I started in Sydney and I’ve completed already 1000km and I’m still intending to head far west towards Perth. I recommend the Reid CV bike it to anyone who wants great value on a budget and also wants a New Updated Gravel Bicycle for long days in the saddle.


August 2018

Rider: Joseph Karaszewski

Bike: Hercules

Story: The Reid Hercules has an incredible amount of positive reviews on the internet that strengthened my obsession. Matt at City Bicycle shared his personal experience of his first REID ride and his decision to start selling them. After months of not shutting up about the Hercules my wife surprised me with it for our anniversary. he Hercules really is an exceptional bike. It doesn’t matter where I ride at it rides and handles smoothly. There is nothing like letting a little air out of the tires and enjoying the beach or sandy trails with no problem!


September 2018

Rider: Ben Stanton

Bike: Granite 3.0

Story: I was searching for a good value all road bike to use for bike touring and upcoming adventures. The Reid Granite 3.0 fit the bill perfectly. It’s been amazing. I’m surprised by how many high quality components Reid has been able to fit into a reasonably priced package. My advice is to give it a go and get outside of your comfort zone. A biking adventure will always seem more daunting in the planning stages compared to what it actually is. You don’t have to be super fit, just ensure that you plan daily distances and rest days according to your level of fitness. I can guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time and it’ll be an experience that you won’t forget.


October 2018

Rider: Dane Bergman

Bike: Vice 1.0

Story: The Vice 1.0 stood out to me straight away because of the Plus tyres and the black and white colour design. It looked amazing and with the rigid forks, 27.5″ tyres and disc brakes it meant I would be able to take it long distances on bike packing adventures, let the tyres down and ride it on the beaches and also throw it into some single tracks. It’s a great all-rounder which suits me perfectly. t’s been brilliant so far. Strong, durable, eye-catching and it has handled everything I’ve thrown at it this far. So far I have taken it down single track, highways, beaches, over-nighter trips and everything in between. I love the fact that I can ride anywhere with it and just adjust the inflation of the tyres to suit. The front forks feel bomb-proof so I have no worries hitting some steeper single tracks with it and it’s just as comfortable when riding long distances. I am excited to take it out on an extended trip in the next few months.


November 2018

Rider: Noah

Bike: Classic 16″

Story: We got this beautiful bike for his 3rd birthday back in June and he took to it so quickly. We thought it was super cool, with an awesome vintage feel. It’s the exact bike I would buy for myself, only a few sizes smaller!  He rides it perfectly. Granted, he still has stabilisers on, although he’s already asking me when we can take them off! We ride up and down the neighbourhood near out house. There’s a straight treelined road with a wide footpath. We also take it to one of our local paths where we don’t have to worry about cars,


December 2018

Rider: Jon Street

Bike: Argon

Story: First impressions were great. Fast looking, well specced, and after swinging a leg over found it really easy to handle. Its been super competent, with just the right mix of components to be a great allrounder. A bike you can just jump on and ride in all conditions.  I also used it for my first Dualthalon! The bike section was great on the Argon, it was solid and fast on the mix of heathy and gravel forest tracks, enabling me to catch and make multiple places. It outperformed multiple bikes twice its price and gained interest from a few of the other entrants. I enjoyed it so much I entered a second one! And goes what, the Argon gave just as good a result second time around.



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