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Check out the latest adventure of our Ares Fat Bike in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California!








When someone decides that something in their life needs to shift, Reid is there to support them — whether it’s as simple as needing a bike, to biking for a good cause, to practising mindfulness on bikes. Each turn of the wheel is a chance to see things differently, to champion something new, to change the world one hill, cruise, commute and gear-shift at a time. We don’t claim to be better, we claim to be different. So, we’re all in this together, because together, we can accomplish more. The sky is the limit with Fat and 27+ (mid-Fat) bikes. Nothing is impossible with over-sized tyres on big rims with ridiculous amounts of grip and control.

Like what you see? Check out the Ares Fat Bike for more information and where you can view the beast in person.

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