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Reid Rider of the Month – September

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Timothy Pothier is our Reid Rider of the Month for September

Tim from New England, USA, has become our Reid Rider of the Month for September on our Zeus Fat Bike! He caught our eye on Facebook over the last few months with the cool photos he shared with our community. We caught up with Tim to find out a little bit more about him and his experience with our bike…


Introduce yourself…

My name is Tim Pothier, a life-long New Englander, who grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Maine 17 years ago. I am 47 years young, married, father of 2 teenage daughters. I work in Education at Bonny Eagle Middle School, here in Buxton, Maine.

When and how did you get into bike riding?

I’ve been riding bikes for as long as I can remember. Ultimately, my father is responsible for my love of bikes. He rode his bike to work at the Post Office for decades. From BMX freestyle to road cycling, and everything in between, I loved to watch it and do it. Growing up in a large grid-style neighbourhood, all my friends would ride our bikes all over the place. Bikes became our mode of transportation. Of course, naturally, every ride would turn into a race around the block. The neighbourhood kids would build jumps and other obstacles that would challenge us. By the time I became a teenager, BMX freestyle was becoming a big hit. We would get together in our French Hill neighbourhood of Leominster, Massachusetts and practice all sorts of freestyle tricks. Mountain biking was a natural progression from BMX when I became an adult.

When the 26” wheel mountain bike craze hit, I had to get one. I bought my first mountain bike, a 1991 Schwinn Moab from a local bike shop. That started my love of big-wheeled bike riding! Of course, I have owned several MTBs and other style bikes since then, including, but not limited to Tri-bikes, beach cruisers, choppers, and more.

So, what made you choose Reid and why the Zeus?

When it came time to buy a fat bike, I chose Reid Zeus. After much research, shopping, and talking to other fat bike riders, it came apparent that a good fat bike is going to cost me some serious dough. Having several other bikes in my repertoire, it was almost impossible to convince my wife I “need” one more bike. You know, every bike serves a different need. It was agreed on (okay, she told me) that I will look for a used fat bike.

After getting sticker shock at the prices of used fat bikes, I visited a local bike shop. The owner told me he has access to a new Reid bike from his supplier. I wasn’t familiar with the Reid name. However, we looked at the stock components, the weight, all the specs, and finally the price. Everything worked out in my favour. I was able to purchase a brand-new Reid Zeus for a great price! The Zeus is the top of the line fat bike from Reid. It’s full aluminium frame and fork are guaranteed for life. With the stock components on the bike, it was a no brainer. The Reid Zeus was the bike for me!

Is this your first Fat Bike?

The Reid Zeus is my first fat bike. Living in Northern New England, our winters are long and summers are short. I “needed” a bike that I can ride in the winter. With its 4” tires (I’ve since upgraded to 4.5”), I can ride on snowmobile trails and local trails groomed by NEMBA, our mountain bike club. When I picked up my new Zeus, it was still autumn. Snow hasn’t fallen yet. I took Zeus out on my local MTB trails and was so impressed with the nimbleness of handling. It handles single-track as well as my full-suspension MTB could!

So, how has the Zeus treated you?

Zeus has been over-achieving my expectations for almost three years now! I have not broken a single component on the bike yet. Just a rib on myself. I ride Zeus on every surface including the beach. I am lucky enough to live in Maine, where the ocean beaches, mountains, and trails are all nearby.


What and where have you been with it?

So, Zeus has been all around New England with me. My most proud moment with Zeus has been the day I entered a downhill fat bike race at Suicide Six Ski Resort in Vermont. I also rode Zeus during the taping of a local television show here in Maine called 207. It featured the rise of the fat biking craze in winter.

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

I plan to keep riding my Reid Zeus every chance I get. I will compete in another DH snow race again this winter.

My two teenage daughters like to ride with me, too! My youngest likes to take Zeus out on the snowmobile trails. Looks like I’ll need to buy a couple more fatties.


Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

My advice to anyone who hasn’t been in a biking adventure is to just make it happen. When we are on our bikes, even if we’re slow, we are lapping those people on their couch. There’s a saying I heard once, “Teach your kids the love of bikes and they’ll never have money or time for drugs.”

Biking is good, clean fun! No matter what you ride!

Another Reid Rider who truly enjoys his beast on all kinds of terrain!
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