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Why do Reid bikes use Tektro brake technology?

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Founded in 1986, Tektro has over 30 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality brake systems in the bicycle industry. Since then, the company is generally regarded as Taiwan’s premier brand name for brake systems.

Tektro brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and durability. The company achieve this through the use of advanced production techniques, accurate processing and meticulous quality control. By using exotic materials such as Carbon Fibre and Titanium, Tektro set a new standard for lightweight and precise control.

The Ladies Deluxe 3-Speed and other Reid vintage bikes use Tektro brakes and brake levers for enjoyable and safe rides.

The Ares Fat bike and many other Reid performance bikes (Fat bikes & 27+MTBs and Road bikes) can tackle the trickiest terrain from snow to sand to sticky mud with safe guaranteed thanks to the effective Tektro brakes and brake levers.

Tektro offer mechanically activated hydraulic disc brake. This is where a standard brake cable is pulled to activate the hydraulic pistons down on the calliper. Moreover, Tektro sensor control designed brake levers are sensitive and durable. They help to ensure a transferred steadiness of control and power under braking. Tektro road callipers feature a cable lock device to allow the quick and easy removal of wheels. Additionally, aero brake options are available to offer low drag and help to increase a rider’s top speed. Also, Tektro are introducing many new low- to mid-end brake systems with attention being placed on aesthetically pleasing designs and weight reduction.


Many bikes in our Urban range (Commuter and ComforteBikes) offer smooth and safe rides with powerful Tektro disc brakes.

Significantly, all Tektro products are made with extreme quality control. From their perspective, man, with the help of automated machines, can cooperate to produce the best products. Therefore, Tektro artisans who have over a decade of experience examine every product for reliability and safety on and off-road.

In the future, Tektro will continue their human precision philosophy to deliver the safest and best-performing brake products to the world.

The Girls Classic 16″ bike has the same front dual-pivot calliper brakes as our adult bikes, just built for smaller hands. The rear brake features a backpedal coaster for easy stopping that kids know how to use.

Riders can experience nimble commuting with effective Tektro brake system with the vintage Gents Roller

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