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RockShox suspension forks utilised on Reid Bikes

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RockShox Inc. is an American company founded in 1989, which develops and manufactures bicycle suspensions. The company went public in October 1996. Eight years after inception, the company manufactured and sold a million RockShox forks and had revenues of $100 million. To this day, RockShox is one of the biggest names in mountain bike suspension and for a good reason. Today, the company produces a complete range of forks for everything from cross-country to downhill.

The Vice FS 3.0 has front/rear full-suspension provided by RockShox.

The high-end 29er, Neon, is equipped with the premium RockShox Recon suspension forks.

There is more than a dozen of RockShox suspension forks, including RockShox Recon and RockShox Reba. The Recon, which is used for our Reid MTB Neon, sets a new benchmark for value-based performance as it delivers an out of this world off-road riding experience. It adopts a proven chassis which allows for shorter upper tubes for lower weight. The steel 32mm upper legs are black anodised.

To top it off, its now-standard Motion Control damper with rebound and compression damping adjustment re-invents the Recon and sets the new silver standard for fun on the trails. More notably, aggressive trail and enduro riders have been increasingly enjoying the benefits of larger wheels. On the other hand, many still view 27.5″ and 29″ wheels as a possible weak link. That is why RockShox has developed an open standard with Boost compatible components for the Reba RL, which we adapt to our Fat Bike Vice FS 3.0.

The Reba RL Solo Air Forks is an incredibly versatile fork as it’s suitable for everything from cross-country racing to trail riding Remarkably, it offers a smooth feel and awesome performance. It uses 32mm upper legs made from aluminium. Motion control technology means you’ll climb more efficiently to the top of the trail. Plus, with the Solo Air spring to balance the compression and rebound, the trails will feel smoother as you ride them faster than you thought possible! Notably, you can experience the thrill with our Reid Vice FS 3.0.

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