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Reid Rider of the Month – April

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Tina (@tina.vainola) is our Reid rider of the month for April!

Tina has become our Reid rider of the month for April on her BLVD after catching our eye on Instagram with her minimalist black and white photos! We caught up with Tina to find out more about her and her journeys on the BLVD…

Introduce yourself
Hi everyone! My name is Tina and I live in Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand.
When and how did you get into bike riding?

Like many others, I learnt how to ride a bike in my childhood at the age of 4 or 5. But back then it never eventuated into anything more than fun country rides during summer holidays.

I’ve been contemplating switching to cycling as a form of commuting to work for a few years now. Not only for environmental and health benefits, but also because it seemed quite selfish to drive a 5-seater vehicle with only one passenger if I could easily cover that distance pedalling.

However, the fear of being run over and being outside my comfort zone prevented me from making a move. Until recently. When I’ve finally decided enough is enough.

So, what made you choose Reid and why the BLVD?
Choosing a Reid BLVD was a no brainer for me. A simple commuter bike with a stylish minimalist design that comes in black. What else could you ask for?
I thought it would be a perfect entry model for somebody like me who had zero confidence on the road and forgot all riding skills throughout life.
Is this your first Singlespeed?
Yes, if you don’t count my childhood tricycle.
How has the BLVD treated you so far?

Met and exceeded my expectations. Quite a nifty little bike to hoon around the city, commute to work and run errands.

Despite my initial reservations, my cycling confidence returned within hours and I attribute much of it to the simplicity of the BLVD. I guess that’s why there is a saying “it’s like riding a bike” – just got to find the right one.

Where has your BLVD taken you?
Originally I’ve planned to use it just to get to work and back (about 6km one way), but after a few days I realised that I enjoy biking quite a bit, so now I use it to get practically everywhere around the city despite the distance.
Do you have any other future adventures planned?

As the winter is approaching and therefore more rainy days, I’m planning on fitting some mudguards on my BLVD, so it can be comfortably used throughout the season.

Finally, what advice would you give to those who have never been on a biking adventure or even a bike?

Never let your fears stop you. Just have to get out there and do it! You are never too old or too inexperienced for it. If you keep finding excuses and reasons why you should not bike and stay in the comfort of your car, you will miss out on so many exciting adventures and experiences. Instead, you should find one reason why you should get out there and go for it. Happy cycling everyone!

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