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Life After Lockdown – Tips To Carry On Cycling

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Our top tips to keep on cycling…

Hey Everyone,

Happy July! Firstly, we hope everyone is safe and well. Here at Reid we are looking forward to the next few months, with some exciting projects lined up which we can’t wait to share with you. We are thrilled to see so many of you out on our bikes and are loving all of your pictures!

With lockdown restrictions around the world starting to ease, and with people starting to head back to work, it might be hard for some to carry on cycling due to busy schedules. Here are our top tips to help carry on that motivation to continue cycling after lockdown…

1. Schedule in a bike ride before or after work

We know this is easier said than done, but it only takes 30 days to create a habit so scheduling a bike ride before or after work will become part of your routine in no time! By fixing cycling into your routine, work will become a less stressful environment. You can prepare for your working day by cycling before work, or if you prefer you can de-stress in the evening by going on an evening cycle! It’s up to you how you fit your cycling time in.

Cycling will also ensure you stay active despite returning to work. Just cycling 30 minutes every day (before or after work) will help to maintain your fitness that you may have created in lockdown. It will also ensure that you are on track to achieve the government guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise every week!

2. Meet with your friends and cycle together

With COVID-19 guidelines easing around the world, and the restrictions allowing us to meet with those from another household, this means meeting up with friends (at a distance) to cycle at weekends is possible. This is current to the time of writing this blog, however, please check with your countries COVID-19 guidelines to make sure you are respecting the restrictions.

With this restriction being lifted, cycling can offer a new platform to meet with friends and share a similar interest. Having a cycle buddy/buddies will also help to motivate you to keep cycling. It’s always fun exploring new places with friends!

3. Try cycling to work if you didn’t already

This isn’t possible for everyone, but, if you are able to cycle to work and you haven’t done already give it a go! Not only will it help to keep you active, it will also help to wake you up in the morning and increase your brain power for the day. Studies show that even a 30 minute bike ride can improve reaction time, memory and creative thinking. This will help to prepare for your working day and boost your mood so when you enter the office, you are in the best mood possible!


Cycling to work will also help to reduce your carbon footprint, in fact, riding a bike can lower your carbon footprint more than ten times less than a car! Cycling to work will also remove the cost of petrol, the time wasting of traffic and the stress of parking. Once you start cycling to work, you’ll never go back!

4. Focus on the benefits of cycling

Cycling has many benefits to a person’s life which they may have been introduced to over the lockdown, however it is important to keep focusing on these benefits in order to carry on the motivation to keep cycling.

Cycling is extremely good for both an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing, therefore, if you have had a stressful day at work or haven’t kept active that day, cycling is extremely beneficial. It is a low impact activity, therefore anyone can do it regardless of fitness levels. Cycling also helps to relax the mind which is especially important after a long day at work and by scheduling a bike ride in everyday, it can help lower stress levels.

Most importantly, cycling is fun and allows you to explore new places! You may come across places that you’ve never been to before… If you want to learn more about the mental and physical benefits of cycling, check out our other blogs!


Coming out of lockdown can be an anxious time for some after creating a routine, however, by maintaining cycling and working it around your busy schedule it can help make the process a lot more relaxing. If you’ve had a long day at work, jump on your bike with friends and go exploring!

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