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A Beginners Guide to Riding an eScooter

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The Electric Scooter is becoming commonplace in today’s society, offering a great solution to safe and solo travel. With gathering concerns on public transport, an eScooter could be the perfect solution to your commuting concerns. Just like riding a bike, the first time you ride your eScooter you may not feel confident, so learn more about how easy and comfortable it is to ride your new two-wheeled best friend below. Reid eScooters in specific offer a large deck and wider handlebars than most, providing a more stable and comfortable ride for beginners.

From how to turn your Electric Scooter on, to the basic steps in riding an eScooter, with our below guide you’ll be a pro in no time!

Safety First…

If you’ve never ridden an eScooter, the first step to consider is your safety. Our best advice to ensure you are safe when riding is to ask for a test ride at your local store or if buying online, test it in a quiet private patch near home. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get used to. Unlike a bike where you need to a lot of initial balance before you get up to speed, an electric scooter does this all for you and these environments are ideal to make sure you get used to riding your eScooter in a safe place, to grow your confidence. Make sure you’re fully comfortable before taking your electric scooter further afield.

It is also important to protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing. As you would any form of personal mobility, make sure you wear a helmet. Additionally, you may wish to add another protective gear such as elbow and knee pads, but like with motorbikes and bicycles this is up to your discretion, but the more protection you have, the safer you’ll be.

Getting Comfortable with your eScooter…

No matter which brand of Electric Scooter you have or if it’s one of our E4 or E4 Plus, it is important to learn the basics. Here is some advice to help you get comfortable with setting up your eScooter:

1. The Electric Scooter will come folded, so first of all, unclip the latch from the rear fender, raise the steerer tube and then lock the latch into place on the base of the steerer tube.

2. Power up your eScooter by pressing the on switch which is just below the main display. The E4 and E4 Plus all come with a waterproof display, which tells you when your Electric Scooter is on, it’s battery level, current speed mode and headlight status.

3. On the handlebars, you’ll find a lever on the left-hand side for your rear mechanical disc brake, which is very familiar to what premium bikes use. On the right-hand side you will find a small throttle that starts the motor and acceleration of your Electric Scooter.

4. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with your scooter, you’re ready to get moving! To do so, you’ll need to push off and then press the throttle, you need to hold this down to continue your speed, however after 8 seconds of continuous holding, you can let go and maintain your speed, pressing the brake deactivates cruise control. You can keep a track of your speed on the display, our eScooters can reach up to 25km/h so you can get to some serious speed!

5. To stop, you can use the handle lever mechanical disc brake or the E4 Plus also has a foot brake which can be used by pushing down on the rear fender. Once you’re finished riding, make sure to turn off your eScooter and fold it up so it’s easy to carry around and store away.

Practice with Friends…

Trying new things is always more fun with good company, so if you have a friend who is also interested in eScooters then hit them up to practice together! Whether it’s a new hobby you and your friend want to take up, or you and your work colleague want to try a new way to commute to work, doing it together you will be more confident and have more fun.

Even better, if you know someone who is an eScooter pro then ask them for their top tips and to go for a joint ride.


Practice makes perfect! Just like learning to ride a bike, or taking up a new hobby, it will soon become habitual once you get the hang of it. Use the advice we’ve offered to get started, practice in a safe private place and you’ll be an eScooter pro in no time!

If you want to find out about our range of eScooters, click here.

E-Scooters are not to be used on public roads or pavements. Only on private land with the owner’s consent.


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