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The Reid Bike Buying Guide

Hi Everyone! 

From Vintage to Road Bikes, Fat Bikes to eBikes, Reid has the full range that can satisfy any cyclists dream. However, with so much choice it might be hard to figure out what bike is best for you. This week we offer our guide to choosing the perfect bike for you.

What are you buying a bike for?

Is it for riding fast along tarmac, to ride around uneven terrain or to simply have a way to explore new places? This is the first step to think about when selecting your perfect bike, below we’ve given you a guide to what bike suits you…

1. Road Bikes – Ideal for riding fast!

If you’re after a bike which is lightweight, fast and allows you to travel on endurance bike rides, than a road bike may be perfect for you! Road bikes allow you to hit the open road at a speedy pace and they can also be

At Reid we have a wide range of road bikes, from the Original Road to the Vantage Endurance. Each of our road bikes offer light frames, components, thin tyres but large wheels for extra speed. To check out our full range, click here.

2. Vintage & Cruisers – Ideal for riding in style!

If you are after a stylish bicycle, which allows you the freedom to explore new places in style, then look no further than our vintage and cruisers range. This range is perfect for those who are wishing to ride at the weekends with friends, ride to work or simply go out and explore.

Each bike holds a retro style with modern parts, including Shimano 7-Speed gearing. From the Ladies Classic, to the Gents Roller, there is a bike to fit everyone’s style. If you want to check our range, click here!

3. Mountain/Fat Bikes – Perfect for rough terrain!

If you love riding on rough, off-road terrain than a Mountain Bike may be the perfect bike for you!

From the Neon to the MTB Sport Disc, our range of Mountain Bikes are built to handle all terrain from their Shimano gears to help climb/descent with ease, to their air sprung extension to increase comfort. Click here to check out our full range of mountain bikes.

We also offer a range of Fat Bikes, which with their over-sized tyres on big rims offer a fantastic option to ride on rough terrain. Check out our range of Fat Bikes & 27+ here!

4. Commuter Bikes – Perfect for, well, commuting!

If you’re looking to make your commute a little easier, without the stress of traffic or parking, than look no further than our range of Commuters and Comforts! This range is ideal for those who want to commute to work fast, whilst looking stylish.

Our range of Commuters and Comforts are designed to be lightweight , comfortable and quick. They offer a more upright riding position to allow maximum comfort on your commute to work.

Another option available is our range of eBikes which is a fantastic option for commuting. Our eBikes are sleek and offers an easy ride which is perfect for before or after a busy day at work. Each of our eBikes is powered with the latest systems, and will ensure you commute to work in style!

If you want to check out our range of Commuters then click here! If it’s eBikes you’re looking for then click here.




5. Fixies & Singlespeeds – Perfect for simpler rides!

If you’re an inner city person, who just wants the simpler things in life, than our range of Fixies and Singlespeeds might just be perfect for you!

Our range offer a considerable mix of speed, toughness and reliability meaning you can weave through the inner city with ease! You can take life at your own pace, and explore new places at the same time. Check out our range of Fixies & Singlespeeds here!


Here at Reid we want to find the perfect bike for everyone and we hope this blog has given you some help in finding the right bike for you.

If you would like to check out our full range of Reid bikes, click here!


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