E4 and E4 Plus Reviews

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Reviews on our E4 and E4 Plus

Hey Everyone! 

We have recently sent our E4 and E4 Plus eScooters out to well known reviewers, so that they can put them to the test! We don’t just want you to take our word for it that they are amazing electric scooters, so, we asked the reviewers to give a totally unbiased opinion.

From how the electric scooter looks, to how it rides, read below to find out the full reviews…

Ben Fox – E4 Plus

Ben Fox is most well known for his awesome adiction to eScooters and his entertaining YouTube videos. Ben is also known for his electric scooter reviews so if anyone knows what it takes to be a top eScooter, Ben does!  Here is a summary of Ben’s review below:

“I absolutely love the 10″ rubber tyres as I have no fear of a puncture, I also was extremely impressed with the speed of the scooter uphill. Scooter manufacturers take note, this is how you make a kick stand! The rear suspension makes for a very comfortable ride and the folding mechanism is the safest and smoothest I have ever come across. Overall, this is a great scooter!”

You can also check out Ben’s full review to the right or by clicking here!


Chigz Tech Reviews – E4 Plus

Chigz Tech Reviews also offered a review of our E4 Plus. Chigz has a large following, with over 200,00 subscribers, and awesome videos satisfying any tech consumers needs! Chigz offers a full, unbiased review on our E4 Plus which you can watch to the left or click here to watch.

“The Reid E4 Plus, a powerful lightweight electric scooter giving you a decent speed and range. More importantly, it’s a safe and enjoyable smooth ride along with lots of tweaking and customization options as well as some amazing ambient lighting features. This is one of the finer examples of a premium electric scooter designed with safety in mind.”

 Ride LEV – E4 Plus

Our next review comes from Ride Lev, who love eScooters, e-Bikes and everything else Light Electric Vehicle! The guys here have offered awesome support on our eScooters and after reviewing our E4 and E4 Plus, they are now offering them through their website which is amazing! If you want to check these out, click here.

You can check out their full video review of the E4 Plus to the right and you can click here to read their full blog on the E4 Plus!

“The E4 Plus is sustainable, practical, sturdy and it feels safe! The throttle was very responsive and it was super easy to go through the speed settings. The Reid E4 Plus has rear suspension which tackles bumps and potholes with ease. I had a smile on my face riding my eScooter.”

Stu’s Reviews – E4 and E4 Plus 

Stu’s Reviews is a very well known UK YouTuber who posts all things reviews! We sent out our E4 and E4 Plus to Stu’s Reviews so he could put them both to the test. You can check his full review to the left or by clicking here!

E4- “This is a good scooter. Reid have looked at the formula of what makes a good scooter and updated this formula. The folding mechanism is a very good design. The hub looks quite nice and I can see it in daylight which is great. You’re also not going to get a puncture which is great!”

E4 Plus – “If you want something a little bit stronger, and a little bit more powerful, then take a look at the E4 Plus! Another thing I love about this scooter is the fact that it has suspension. It has premium features such as a more powerful motor, 10″ wheels. In my eyes, the E4 Plus is a brilliant price and my choice of scooter. This scooter is quite the pleasure to ride.”


Expert Reviews – E4 Plus

Expert Reviews also gave our E4 Plus a thorough review! In the end, they gave our E4 Plus a 5 star best buy rating and claimed that it “ticked all the right boxes.” You can check out their full review by clicking here!

“The E4 Plus is comfortbale, easy to set up, fold and carry. It’s a comfortable ride and wide rubber grips offer good control when riding. I love the combination of comfort and practicality that the solid wheels and suspension provides and of all the eScooters with solid rubber wheels I’ve ridden, the Reid E4 Plus is by far the most comfortable. This is a seriously impressive eScooter that’s sensibily thought and well put together. The way the scooter feels to ride is a breath of fresh air.”

Craving Tech – E4 Plus

Our final review (for now) for the E4 Plus comes from Craving Tech who are a fantastic Australian blog page who focus on tech news around Australia. Our team in Australia gave the guys at Craving Tech an E4 Plus to review and ride for the first time! You can check out their full blog here.

“To say that I love the E4 Plus is an understatement, because once I have finished riding it, I just want to ride it some more! It has been crafted carefully to ensure safety, comfort and efficiency. I really like the LED Hub display that shows you how fast you are going and other information like the current battery level. It is really easy to ride, espeically for first timers and riding feels sturdy. It is a great, daily commuting alternative to using bikes and cars. The eScooter has a sleek, modern, ergonomic design, and sturdy to ride.”

Tech Advisor – E4

We also have a review from the guys at Tech Advisor for our E4. Tech Advisor are best known for offering awesome reviews on a range of tech products, so we are proud to have received a 4/5 rating for our E4! You can check out Tech Advisors full review on our E4 by clicking here.

“The E4 is a stylish eScooter with all the trimmings. There are a number of unique features including a suite of customisable LED lights and a well-built app, and crucially, it’s a joy to ride. It’s the small details that complete the high-end look Reid is going for, like the comfortable rubber grips on the handlebars. The build quality is high and it is a lot of fun to ride around. The E4 is well worth investing it.


We are so proud to be receiving such amazing feedback from well-established reviewers on our E4 and E4 Plus eScooters. It’s great to see everyone enjoying our brand and having fun on our electric scooters. If you would too like to be riding our E4 and E4 Plus check out their links and you’ll be riding a Reid in no time!

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