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How to improve your cycling experience

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Lets Enjoy Cycling!

Cycling should be something everyone enjoys and we want everyone to have fun whilst riding their Reid! Improving your cycling experience doesn’t need to be something you dread, by simply setting new, realistic goals and keeping yourself motivated, you’ll not only become a better cyclist but also enjoy cycling a whole lot more!

We’d love everyone to enjoy cycling as much as impossible, so, if you want some top tips on how to improve your cycling experience, check them out below…

Ask Yourself What You Set To Achieve And Create Goals!

Whether you want to aim to ride a 50 mile bike ride next summer, or you want to simply stay active, or you even just want to switch up your daily commute to work, it is good to know what you want out of cycling and set goals to achieve this.

For example, if you want to aim to start cycling to work every week, you could start off by commuting two days a week to get familiar with the timings and the route. Every week you could increase the days cycling to work until it becomes completely part of your routine. Having a new progression every week is more motivating and you’ll soon complete your goal in no time!

Goals are also great to have especially if you’re working towards cycling a race. We have a blog on how to train for a long bike ride so if you’d like to check it out, click here! For example, you might start training with a lower distance to get yourself comfortable with cycling long distance and increase your fitness. Then, every week you can increase the distance slightly and start to time yourself so that you can try and better yourself every week. It’s not about how quickly you can achieve your goal, small progressions will help keep you motivated and you’ll soon see vast improvements in your cycling.

See Cycling As ‘Riding’ Instead Of ‘Training’

This may sound simple, but, some people dread exercising as they see it as a form of training. If you clear your mind and look at cycling as just a form of riding, you will start enjoying it more and stop pressuring yourself to train at a certain level.

As you ride more, you’ll become fitter and find more routes which will make you fall in love with cycling. You shouldn’t feel pressured, just jump on your bike, start pedalling at your own pace and see where your bike takes you.

Find The Right Bike For You

To enjoy cycling to the full extent, it is essential that you have the right bike fit for you. Luckily for you, here at Reid we have a wide range of bikes, in a range of different sizes to make sure you are riding in the highest comfort. We also have written a blog on how to find the right bike for you, click here to read it!

From Vintage to Commuter bikes, we have you covered here at Reid. Whether you’re trying out mountain biking for the first time and are in need of an entry level Mountain bike, or you’re a Fat biking pro and are need of a top of the range Fat bike, we have the perfect bike, with the perfect fit, for everyone.

Ride With Your Friends!

Riding with others can help motivate you to enjoy cycling as there is someone doing it with you. Whether it’s someone to commute to work with or a cycling buddy to train with, getting a friend to cycle with you definitely helps!

If you need some motivation to help you get out and on your bike, this might be the time to get yourself a cycling buddy!

Personal Fulfilment

Cycling gives you an opportunity to achieve a sense of personal fulfilment, especially if you are setting yourself goals and accomplishing them. This can help boost your confidence which will help to continue your goal accomplishing. For example, you might set yourself a target of hitting your PB by riding 20 miles one week and the feeling when you achieve this will be amazing! If you set your mind to it, you can do anything!

There are other great mental benefits to cycling which we also have a blog on, click here to read it!


Cycling is fun! It is something that everyone should enjoy doing and here at Reid we want everyone to find a bike that they love. There shouldn’t be any pressure and by having personal goals, we hope that your cycling experience will improve.

If you want to check out our full range of Reid bikes, click here and be riding a Reid in no time!

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