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Tips To Keeping Your eScooter In Perfect Condition

That new electric scooter feeling is amazing and we know that once it’s arrived, you can’t wait to unbox it, take it out for a spin and start having some fun!

Alongside this, it is also important to keep in the back of the mind that looking after your electric scooter is very important. This week we have listed some top tips to ensure you keep your E4 or E4 Plus in tip top condition!

Take Care When Setting Up Your eScooter

When your new E4 or E4 Plus has arrived in its box, it’s hard to resist temptation to not rip it out of the box straight away. However, it’s a good idea to be careful when setting up your new eScooter and make sure that you follow the instructions which will help you set it up in a safe and easy way.

With the E4 and E4 Plus, the only thing you need to do when it arrives is connect the handlebars and to do so you simply screw four screws with the tools provided in the box. Once this has been completed, you’re good to go!

Keep your eScooter Clean

What’s better than a Reid eScooter? A clean Reid eScooter! It’s always a good idea to give your electric scooter a little wipe down after every ride, in order to wipe away any dust or dirt that might have been collected during your ride.

The best way to do this is by using a lightly damped cloth or a toothbrush to help get rid of any dust or dirt pile ups. This will help ensure that it doesn’t build up on important parts such as the brakes. It is always important to note that when cleaning your eScooter, it should only be with a lightly damp cloth. Using excess water may cause more damage!

Maintain Your Battery!

It is vital to look after your electric scooter’s battery as it is a crucial part to the running of the scooter. When you first get your eScooter, we recommend to fully charge it in order to make sure it is fully optimised and ready to go! After this, getting into good battery practice such as charging your eScooter when you can and regularly fully charging your scooter is a good way to maintain the battery.

We’ve already mentioned the importance of maintaining your eScooters battery in a previous blog, which you can check out here.


Take Care When Riding

To take the most care of your eScooter, it’s a good idea to stick to smooth, safe paths where it will perform to its optimal performance. Uneven and rocky paths may strain your electric scooter which can cause some key components to be affected.

Like cycling, it is probably not the best idea to take your eScooter out in the torrential rain as the floor will be very wet, which can cause harm to you and your scooter. Light rain is fine, and our E4 and E4 Plus are designed with a waterproof display as well as an IPX4 rated waterproof deck, so there is no worry about getting this wet. However, we advise you keep your eScooter indoors when it starts pouring down with rain!

Store Your eScooter In A Safe Place

The E4 and E4 Plus both come with a safe and easy folding mechanism, so storing your eScooter away is even easier! However, it is a good idea to make sure that you don’t store it in a place where it might get scratched or potentially damaged. It is also a good idea to wipe your scooter down after storing it, especially if it’s been a while, in order to wipe away any dust that it may have collected.

We also advise that you don’t store your eScooter in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, as this can harm the scooters battery. If you have stored it away for a long time as well, make sure you check the battery level and fill it up before you take it back out again!


Having an electric scooter is great fun and they are a fantastic way to get around the city! Following these simple tips to ensure you maintain your eScooter is the best way to get the most out of it. Show your eScooter some love and it will do the same back!

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