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Which Mountain Bike? 27.5″ vs 29ER’s

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27.5″ vs 29er’s

Looking for a mountain bike but not sure what the difference between a 27.5″ and a 29er is? No problem! This week, we aim to help answer this question for you.

Mountain bikes are awesome for tackling rough terrain and here at Reid we offer a huge range of mountain bikes, from entry-level to intermediate level, and from 27.5″ to 29″. What differentiates a 27.5” from a 29er mountain bike is the diameter of the wheel inches. The 27.5+ is smaller than the 29in which makes a difference to how the bike rides, handles and the overall experience.

 Below we’ve come up with some key differences which will help you decide which mountain bike is the perfect fit for you!

1. Wheel Size 

27.5”: A 27+ MTB, such as the MTB Pro Disc, has a smaller wheel size than the 29″ and this gives the bike a great compromise between agility and speed. The wheels make the 27.5” very easy to control and accelerate. However, saying this, the 27.5+ is best suited to smoother trails as the wheel size means it is not as easy to ride over objects as the 29er.

29er: A 29in, such as the Argon, has larger wheels than the 27.5” which ultimately makes it easier to roll over tough objects such as logs, rocks and other uneven terrain that you may encounter on your adventures.

2. Acceleration

27.5”: Due to the smaller wheels of the 27.5in MTB, it has faster acceleration compared to the 29er. This faster acceleration is mostly due to where the weight of the wheel is distributed. If you’re looking for a faster MTB, then a 27.5″, like the X-Trail, could be the MTB for you.

29er: The 29in may have lower acceleration than the 27.5” MTB, however, it is more suited to longer rides as larger wheels need less effort to keep the momentum going. Therefore, if long rides are more your thing, the 29er may be the winner for you – why not check out the Xenon?

3. Fit

Both the 27.5” and the 29er are suited to those of all fits, from shorter riders to taller riders. However, just like other bike shapes, the 27.5″ and the 29er are both more suited to a certain fit.

27.5”: The smaller wheels of the 27.5in MTB mean that it is more well suited to riders who are shorter in height. This is because the geometry of the bike provides more comfort for those who are shorter. However, this doesn’t mean that taller riders can’t ride a 27.5″, this is just our recommendation. If a 27+ MTB is best suited to you, why not try the MTB Sport Disc?

29ers: On the other hand, the 29″ MTB, just like Neon, is best suited to those who are taller in height, especially those who are over 6ft. This is down to the larger wheels affecting the overall geometry of the bike which results in more comfort for our taller riders. However, this is just a recommendation and does not mean those under 6ft will not be able to ride a 29er!


Final Verdict…

Both 27.5” and 29ers offer a fun, exciting and thrilling MTB experience. The 27.5in is probably best suited for those looking for a playful, lighter and easy to manoeuvre bike. The 27+ has faster acceleration, is lighter in weight and has smaller wheels meaning it is nimble to manoeuvre. If you’re looking for a MTB to take you to smooth, forest trails than the 27.5” range is perfect for you.

The 29er is a confidence-inspiring and stable MTB. This is probably best suited to those looking at hitting rough terrain and riding over obstacles. The 29″ can take it! It might be a little heavier and slower than the 27.5”, but, this means it is more stable and ensures stability when riding over bumpy paths.


The world of mountain biking is thrilling and we want you to experience the most out of it, therefore finding the perfect MTB for you is crucial. Using this guide, we hope you can find the perfect companion to your MTB adventures.

We offer a great range of mountain bikes, offering an amazing mix of 27.5” and 29ers. To find out more, click here and find your perfect MTB today!

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