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How it started vs How it’s going

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Reid: Then vs Now

It has now been 11 years since Reid was established from James Reid’s garage in Melbourne, Australia! From starting in Australia with a vision to sell high quality, affordable bikes, Reid has now developed into a truly international brand, selling not only bikes, but scooters and watersports all across the world.

We thought we’d hop on the how it started vs how it’s going trend and share our version of it!

Going International

How it started: Reid started off by James Reid in Melbourne, Australia, and from this, Reid continuously grew throughout Australia in its first five years. Reid had a store in every major city, offering high quality, great value bikes to Australian consumers.

How it’s going: Reid is now truly an international brand with head offices in the UK and Australia. Reid is now available across the world, in over 20 different countries, through nearly 1,000 retailers. Reid is also still thriving in its original hometown of Australia, with stores in all major capital cities and still pursuing its original vision to offer great quality bikes, without the luxury price tag.

Environmental Pledge 

How it started: Here at Reid, we believe that it is important that the environments and world we love to ride through, stays sustainable. As a result, in January 2020, we launched our environmental pledge – #buyoneplantone. This means that for every Reid product sold around the world, we will plant a tree in its honour.

How it’s going: Since Reid started its environmental pledge, we have planted over 40,000 trees and by the end of the year we are on track to have planted over 50,000! This is an amazing achievement for us and we are so proud to be contributing to sustaining this amazing planet. A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased a Reid and helped us to achieve this!

If you want to find out more about our environmental pledge, we have a blog that you can check out here!




How it started: The first product sold by Reid was a Condor Road bike in 2009! We started off with a small and concise range of quality bikes to customers at affordable prices. As the years went on, and the brand continued to develop successfully, we started to expand our range of products including our popular Vintage line. The Condor, now known as the Rapid, was the first-ever Reid bike sold and it is still being sold today!

How it’s going: Now, Reid sell over 100 products including a huge range of bikes, eBikes, eScooters and more recently Watersports. The Ladies Classic is still one of Reid’s statement bikes…some things never change!


Reid’s Vision

How it started: James Reid started Reid with a clear vision to create high quality bikes which were affordable so that everyone could explore their freedom without the previous barriers to entry. Reid believes that everyone should be able to explore their freedom and we strive to achieve this by offering great value bikes across the world.

How it’s going: Now, in 2020, we still maintain the original, core values of Reid. We strive to allow everyone to explore their freedom, across the world, and we want to inspire people to get outdoors. We have now created an amazing community of people who also share our passion and alongside them strive to help sustain our environment with our environmental pledge, making the world a better place to travel through!


Reid started off with a vision to allow people to explore their freedom, 11 years later we are still doing this and are privileged to be in a position to do this worldwide! We still strive to create high-quality great value products, allowing everyone to go and explore their freedom on two wheels and more!

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