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Why eScooters Are The Perfect Christmas Present

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The Perfect Gift This Christmas

Christmas is now only a matter of weeks away, (5 from the time of writing this blog) and for many this is the time where the serious Christmas shopping begins! If you’re stuck on what to get your loved ones for Christmas, why not consider an eScooter to gift to them this year?

This week we’ve come up with a few reasons why we think electric scooters are the perfect Christmas gift and you never know, a Reid E4 or E4 Plus might be making its way under your Christmas tree soon…

1. eScooters Are Environmentally Friendly 

Electric Scooters are a way more eco-friendly transport alternative to cars. In fact, the Rhodium group state that on average an eScooter produces only 28g of carbon per mile travelled, compared to a whopping 292g for a standard petrol car. This is a huge difference and already global research suggests one-third of electric scooter trips have replaced car journeys. This is great news in making a step to being more environmentally friendly.

Not only this, but here at Reid we also like to do our bit for the environment so if you purchase a Reid E4 or E4 Plus (or any other Reid product), we will plant a tree in its honour! We have already planted over 40,000 trees this year and we hope to increase this number even more before Christmas!

We also think Santa could switch up his yearly commute as his Sleigh produces a lot of carbon, maybe he will also be asking for a Reid eScooter this year…

2. Riding In Comfort 

Our eScooters have been designed with your comfort in mind. For example, both our E4 and E4 Plus come with a large deck size to increase ride comfort. A larger deck is the best option and more comfortable as it means there is enough space on the scooter deck to put both of your feet – one in front of the other.

Our E4 and E4 Plus also come with larger wheels to increase comfort. The E4 is equipped with 8.5” wheels whilst the E4 Plus has slightly larger wheels at 10”. This means that riding over bumps in the road is as smooth as possible!

Our E4 Plus also comes with rear suspension which is an added comfort bonus! This is great for riding on rough roads and a great addition if you are going to be using your eScooter for the daily commute.

3. eScooters Are Easy To Transport 

Both the E4 and E4 Plus come with an easy and safe folding mechanism so that you can carry your electric scooter, once you are finished riding. This is practical and means that storing your eScooter at home is easy! It is also great for when you need to carry it into your car, or carry it up a flight of stairs.

The E4 and E4 Plus are also convenient to carry in weight, so no need to worry about that! The E4 weighs approximately13.1kg and the E4 Plus weighs around 14.5kg which has been designed so it is manageable to carry around.

4. eScooters Are A Fun And Safe Way To Travel 

If you’re still unsure whether an eScooter will be making its way under your tree this Christmas… eScooters are fun and a great way to travel around! Reaching up to speeds of 25kph (in line with the EU Law), the E4 and E4 Plus make travelling around the city enjoyable, whilst making sure riders are safe!

Another fun feature available with the E4 and E4 Plus is the customisable headlight surround colour in our Reid app. You can choose between a range of colours to surround your front headlight on your eScooter, which looks awesome!


Knowing what to get your loved ones at Christmas is a difficult task and as it approaches that time of year again, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you! So why not consider one of our eScooters for Christmas this year? We’ve heard Santa has also asked for one…

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