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Why A Fat Bike Might Be The Perfect Bike For You

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Guide To Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are great for tackling any terrain and as a result, they are so much fun to go riding with. For many, Fat bikes might be a new experience as their fat tyres make them most suitable for off road cycles however, there’s always a chance to try something new!

This week, we’ve come up with a few reasons why Fat bikes might be the perfect bike for you…

 Fat Bikes Can Take You Exploring To New Places

Fat bikes are perfect for tackling any terrain as their fat tyres can comfortably ride over the harshest of trails, therefore you can cycle to pretty much anywhere! Fat bikes allow people to ride places where on normal bikes, it is simply not possible. Whether it’s mud, stone, sand or snow, Fat bikes can take it on with ease thanks to the extra grip the wide tyres provide.

So if you are wanting to go that extra mile in your cycling adventures, maybe a Fat bike could be your perfect companion. Why not check out the Zeus to take on the toughest terrain?

Fat Bikes Can Ride In All Weather Conditions!

Riding in wintery or wet conditions is not a problem for the Fat bike. The Fat tyres offer extra grip which helps prevent slipping on wet conditions. In addition, they will prevent sinking in mud or snow, making them the perfect all-round weather bike. Not only this, but they are perfect to ride in summer too. You can ride along the sand on a hot summers day with ease!

Why not check out the Ares? Perfect to take on the harshest weather conditions.

Fat Bikes Are Comfortable To Ride

Fat bikes have increased comfort during cycling as the tyres don’t require to be as inflated as standard bike tyres. Therefore, this means that you can ride over just about anything and not feel a thing! 

In addition, Fat bikes are better for rider balance, further increasing rider comfort. Why not check out the Alpha to experience the full Fat bike experience?

Fat Bikes Offers A New Way Of Cycling

Fat bikes are unique and unlike any other. They are a way to take your freedom to the next level by exploring new places which seemed impossible before. If you’re looking to switch up your cycling routine and are interested in exploring beyond the paths, then a Fat bike might just be the perfect bike for you. They might not be the speediest, but they are an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors at a slower and more comfortable pace.

Why not check out the Hercules to start your Fat biking adventures?

Thanks To Reid, Kids Can Go Exploring Too!

Here at Reid, we not only have an awesome range of adult Fat bikes, we have also have a range of great junior Fat bikes scaled down for littler adventures…

The Monster 20” and Monster 24” are perfect for your child to ride over any terrain, gifting them the taste of freedom! Designed to give the premium Fat bike experience just like the adult Fat bikes, for your child to keep up and tackle all terrain, thanks to the Fat tyres.

We also have the Titan 24” as part of the junior Fat bike range, which is designed to tackle any tricky terrain just like the Monster range. The only difference is that the Titan 24” is made out of alloy making it an overall lighter Fat bike.

Reid Riders Exploring On Fat Bikes…

We love seeing our community sharing their adventures on their Reid’s! If you are a Reid Rider of Fat bikes, or any Reid, we want to see them! Use #reidbikes to share your Reid snaps. 

Below are some Reid Riders who have shared some awesome shots of their Reid Fat bikes:

@northologyadventures – Ares

@northologyadventures has caught our eye on Instagram after sharing some awesome shots of their Reid Ares, just like the picture on the right! Taking their Ares over the toughest terrain whilst capturing some amazing shots!

“Ride as much or as little or as long or as short as you feel, but ride!”  – Eddy Merckx

@drew.jay.and.wyatt – Monster 20″

@drew.jay.and.wyatt also caught our eye on Instagram by sharing pictures of their Monster 20″.

“We are new to Reid Bikes and my youngest recently purchased a Monster 20″ ‘Fat Bike’. It’s amazing how much more confidence it’s given him. He was a tentative rider previously, but with all the compliments he receives for his new wheels – he loves to show it off!”



@blissfultrekker – Zeus

@blissfultrekker is also one of our Reid Riders taking on the tough terrain with their Zeus Fat bike! His pictures are awesome and his Zeus takes him to the most stunning spots… just like the picture to the right!

“It was a bright sunny day, so I took my trusty steed for a ride around a couple lakes.”


Fat bikes are awesome! They are a unique and enjoyable way to go adventuring and the fat tyres result in increased comfort over any terrain! They are a way for cyclists to further their biking adventures, so if you are ready to explore new places over different terrain, why not give Fat biking a go?

Curious about Fat biking? Click here to explore our full range of Fat Bikes!