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Tips To Improve Your eScooter Experience

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Tips To Enhance Your eScooter Experience

Riding an electric scooter is a fun way to travel, whether it’s to work or to simply get around the city! We want everyone to enjoy using their eScooter, whilst being safe, so this week we’ve come up with a few tips to help you improve your scooting experience…

 Inspect Your eScooter Regularly

Maintaining your electric scooter is very important and will help to ensure you have the best possible experience. Checking your eScooter before every ride will help to keep it in the best possible condition.

In particular, we recommend checking that the wheel pressure is sufficient, checking that the brakes are working properly and generally inspecting the condition of the scooter. We also recommend cleaning your eScooter every now and then to ensure that there is no build-up of dirt which could affect the running of your electric scooter.

We have a blog dedicated to electric scooter maintenance, which you can check out here.

Scoot Along With Friends!  

What’s better than riding an E4 or E4 Plus? Riding an E4 or E4 Plus with your friends! Exploring the city on an eScooter with peers is great fun and can also introduce your friends into a new hobbie.

You could also switch up your daily commute by scootering with a colleague to work. This is a great way to start the work day as well as more environmentally friendly than driving to work. Having someone to commute with also keeps you motivated to swap the daily drive to the daily scoot!

 Our E4 and E4 Plus are ideal to commuters with their easy and safe folding mechanism, so you can fold your eScooter can come with you, wherever you go!

Get To Know Your eScooter

Getting to know your eScooter is important to making your scooter experience is the best that it can be. The E4 and E4 Plus both come with great features that can enhance your scooting experience.  

Both the E4 and E4 Plus come compatible with our free Reid eMobility App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The Reid App allows you to lock your eScooter, change the front light colour, track stats (speed, distance, battery level), challenge friends and more! This is a great way to make your eScooter experience even more enjoyable.

We also have video series on our YouTube channel dedicated to the E4 and E4 Plus which you can check out here. In this series we cover everything from general E4 and E4 Plus maintenance to replacing the battery.

Have Fun But Ride Safe…

Riding an eScooter is so much fun but just like riding a bike, it is important to make sure you are riding safely. It’s important to make sure you are comfortable with the controls of your electric scooter and if this is the first time riding, practice riding in a quiet private patch near home.

It is also important to make sure you protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing. It is important to wear a helmet, just like you would a bike, as well as other protective clothing such as elbow and knee pads.


Whether you’re commuting by electric scooter to work, or exploring the city with friends, riding an eScooter should always be an enjoyable and safe experience! If you haven’t already, why not try out our eScooter range?

Before riding, please ensure that you are riding your electric scooter in abidance to the law.

Want to check out our full range of eScooters? Click here! 


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