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A New Sustainable Way To Travel…

Are you looking to enter the world of eMobility transport but unsure on what to get? Don’t worry, here at Reid we have all your eMobility queries answered. We have a great range of electric scooters and electric bikes which are the perfect companion to commute with, or to simply go out and explore with. If you’re undecided whether an eScooter or eBike is suitable for you, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you decide!

What Are The Key Features Of An Electric Scooter?

Reid’s range of eScooters are perfect if you are looking to live the eMobility lifestyle, without spending a lot of money. First of all, we have our E4 and E4 Plus electric scooter’s, which were the first eScooters to be released by Reid. The E4 comes with a powerful 250W front motor, which comes with three different power modes. The E4 also has 8.5” solid wheels which are designed to roll over bumps with ease, providing an extremely comfortable ride. The E4 Plus has a 350W front motor making it slightly more powerful than the E4. It also has larger 10” wheels and rear suspension meaning it eats up bumpy roads with no problems, making the E4 Plus the smoothest of rides. The E4 and E4 Plus both have a range of 20-28km, perfect for those who have a shorter commute or are looking to transport themselves around their home city.

We are really excited to announce two brand new electric scooters for 2021, the Glide and the Boost. First of all, the Boost is a great quality, affordable, premium eScooter. This features a powerful 250W front motor, 8.5″ wheels and integrated suspension for a smooth ride. It also features a large 35km range, perfect for those slightly longer commutes. The Glide takes the best aspects of an eScooter, to give you what some are saying is the ‘perfect’ electric scooter! The Glide features a powerful torquey 300W front motor, 8.5″ puncture proof tyres and rear suspension which makes it the perfect commuter to take on the urban environments. It also features a range of up to 45km, which is amazing for an electric scooter and means you can travel further, for longer!

The E4, E4 Plus, Boost and Glide all have a maximum speed of 25km/h, in line with the EU regulations and what we deem to be safe. Our range of eScooter are all great commuters and they all come with a safe and easy folding mechanism, meaning you can fold your electric scooter down and take it with you, wherever you go! Whether that’ll be on some public transport, up a flight of stairs or in the office with you.

All in all, the E4, E4 Plus, Boost and Glide are great value, great quality commuters and perfect for those who are looking for something reliable to take them on their short distance, daily commute.

What Are The Key Features Of An eBike?  

Electric bikes are perfect for those who want to stay fit on their daily commute / bike ride, but with an extra helping hand. Here at Reid, we have a range of outstanding eBikes which make commuting a breeze.

Our range of electric bikes vary from MTB’s, Commuters and Vintage. They all come with great features and powerful batteries which are designed to help you on your journey. Ultimately, electric bikes are designed with pedal assist which works through an integrated battery, assisting you with your cycle.

For example, our Blacktop 1.0 is one of our excellent commuter eBike’s. It pairs the latest eBike technology to a reliable city commuter, at an affordable price. The fully integrated and detachable Samsung 11AH battery provides a large range of 60km, which is great for those whose daily commute is far away, or for those looking to go exploring at the weekend. It also allows you to choose your assistance level, with 5 levels to choose from.  This is the ultimate choice of eBike to tackle the commute with.

Is An eScooter Or eBike Best For Me?

Both electric scooters and electric bikes are great options if you’re looking to switch up your daily commute, or to simply enter the world of eMobility transport. However, if you’re unsure on which one to try, we can offer some advice.

Electric Scooters are great commuters for those who don’t work too far away from their homes. They are also very easy to carry around, thanks to the safe and easy folding mechanism meaning that if you have to take it on public transport for some of your journey, it is easy to do so. They will make your daily commute much easier, especially during rush hour as you can beat the heavy traffic and get home much quicker than in a car. They are comfortable and easy to ride with their large, solid wheels and if you opt for the E4 Plus, Boost or Glide, you also have rear suspension which makes for an even smoother ride. Electric scooters are only for use on private roads in the UK as of the time writing this blog, but please check the government guidelines where you live.

If you’re looking for a commuter which can take you further, for longer, than an eBike might be the option for you. Even though they are more expensive than the eScooter, it has a larger range due to the powerful, detachable battery. Electric bikes can ride on pretty much any terrain meaning you can commute through the city in the week, and take it out on the trails on the weekend. Reid has a range of great eBikes, from MTB’s such as the E-Trail 1.0, to Vintage such as the Ladies Classic eBike, to the city commuters such as the City Pulse. Electric bikes are also a great way to get fit as they need to be pedalled to move it.  They offer assistance to help you go further for longer, and you can choose the level of assistance. You don’t need to worry about travelling long distances, they have a large range meaning long commutes are perfect for them.

What Is The Battery Life For eScooter’s And eBike’s?

The E4 and E4 Plus both come with a 7.5AH high capacity pure ternary lithium battery, which provides high performance and quality. The Boost features a 36V Ah battery and the Glide featuring a 30 cell 36V 7.8Ah battery, which are both high capacity and offer a large range. The battery will maintain initial performance for the first 500 charge cycles and after that, it will start to decline like all lithium batteries do. The charge time is approximately 3-6 hours depending on the battery (to fully charge the eScooter from 0%) however we recommend charging your eScooter whenever you get the chance to maximise its battery. We have a blog dedicated to battery maintenance, which you can check out here.

Reid has a selection of eBikes with different batteries, offering different powers and ranges. As mentioned, the Blacktop 1.0 has a range of up to 60km, the same with a few of our other eBikes. Like with our electric scooters, we recommend fully charging your eBike’s battery after every ride in order to maximise your eBike’s battery. Charging time for your eBike battery is usually around 4 – 6 hours, depending on the battery. We have a blog on eBike maintenance, including how to maintain your eBike’s battery, which you can check out here.

Reid’s Hover Range

Now for those wanting to explore something a little different. Reid has a range of excellent Hover products which are exciting, eco-friendly ways to travel. All pairing the latest technologies and special features to make it the best ride possible. First of all, we have the Havoc Hoverboard available which is a premium hoverboard. The Havoc features a sturdy platform, with durable casing to ensure a stable and safe ride, as well as 6″ wheels and a soft touch rubber deck, for a premium feel. It features a top speed of 10kph and couples with an integrated Bluetooth speaker so you can ride around in style, with music pumping in your ear. We also offer the Havoc Plus Hoverboard which is our top of the range hoverboard. Featuring larger 8.5″ wheels for increased stability and comfort when riding over the bumpy pavement. It also features a top speed of 12kph and a great range of 14km meaning that you can ride for longer! The Havoc Plus also comes with an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

Hoverboards are only to be used on private land or property in the UK at the time of writing this blog, please check your Government guidelines before riding.



We also have the Vapour Hovershoes which were developed off the back of our popular hoverboards. The Vapour Hovershoes are the latest fun and exciting ride in eMobility. It comes with a training bar to help to learn the basics and once you are ready, you can take off and ride up to 12kph! Each shoe is individual and self balancing. This is a new and uniquie way to ride, so why not give the Vapour Hovershoes a go?


Both eBike’s and eScooter’s are great options if you’re looking to enter the world of eMobility. Our electric scooters are great options if you’re looking for an affordable commuter which is comfortable, easy to ride and will be used for short distance rides. The safe and easy folding mechanism also means that you can take your electric scooter with you on public transport and even in the office and can be easily stored away.

An eBike is a great option if you’re looking for something which you can commute with in the week and go exploring far on the weekend. We have a great selection of electric bikes which cater for every biking style. The larger range on an electric bike is perfect for those who have a longer commute. They are also great options if you’re looking to get some exercise in before work.

If you’re looking to try something different, then the Reid Hover range might be perfect for you. A new, exciting ride designed with the latest technologies to allow people to explore their freedom in a unique way.

The need for sustainable, personal modes of transport have never been higher due to the demands of our busy environments. Our range of eMobility products are the perfect solution for this, offering a great eco-friendly alternative to inner city travel. Helping to sustain the environment and beat the busy roads!



Interested in entering the world of eMobility? Check out our range of eScooters, eBikes and Hover products here!
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