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Reid Double Their eScooter Range For 2021

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Introducing the Glide and Boost…

After the huge success of the launch of Reid’s E4 and E4 Plus eScooters in 2020, we are proud to announce that we are launching two new Electric Scooters in 2021! We are excited to introduce the Glide and Boost to Reid’s eScooter range, which will be landing in selected retailers around the world over the next few months!

Read below to find out more about our brand new Glide and Boost electric scooters…


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Introducing the Reid Glide eScooter…

We are proud to announce the brand new Glide electric scooter, taking the best from the rest, to give you what some are calling the ‘perfect’ electric scooter. Ergonomically designed with rear suspension, 8.5″  puncture proof tyres and a torquey 300w motor are some of the fantastic features on the Glide.

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What Are The Key Features Of The Glide?  

The Glide is designed to feature all the components which make the perfect electric scooter. It comes with a torquey 300W front motor and a top speed of 25KPH. It comes with a 30 cell 36V 7.8Ah battery capable of long-range riding of up to 45km which is perfect for taking on the longest of journeys!

The Glide features 8.5” puncture proof honeycomb wheels, along with integrated rear suspension for an enjoyable and comfortable ride. It also has been designed with an IP54 water resistant aluminium deck and features a mechanical disc brake as well as a foot brake to tackle to help you drive in different conditions.

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Visibility is also a key feature on the Glide, with light up handlebar that turn red on braking, a front high power LED as well as a mudguard light to ensure you can be seen when riding in the dark. Like all of Reid’s eScooters, the Glide comes with an easy and safe folding mechanism, which makes it easy to carry your Glide, wherever you go!

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Introducing the Reid Boost eScooter…

Here at Reid, we’ve decided to introduce not one new electric scooter, but two! In addition to the Glide, we are also excited to announce the new Reid Boost eScooter for 2021. The Boost is a premium build electric scooter, designed with high quality features whilst maintaining an affordable price. Look out for the Boost landing in selected markets very soon!

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What Are The Key Features Of The Boost?

The Boost has been designed with high-quality components, giving it a premium feel that will be hard to find elsewhere.  It features a powerful 250W front motor, with a top speed of 25KPH and 8Ah battery, which allows an impressive maximum range of 35km. The Boost can be folded down thanks to its safe and easy folding mechanism which has increased stability and strength meaning you’re always stable riding.

Our Boost also comes with 8.5” puncture proof tyres, meaning you can even ride along a bed of nails in peace of mind knowing you are safe from any punctures. Furthermore, the Boost comes with an IPX4 water-resistant aluminium alloy custom Reid deck, which has integrated rear suspension, designed for the most comfortable of rides. Like all Reid eScooters, the Boost also features a mechanical disc brake (like seen in our bikes) as well as an electronic brake for safe stopping.

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Other premium features include high power LED’s, a large display showing battery life, speed and other information as well as customisable side lighting which can be changed via the free Reid eMobility app. The Reid app can also track your journeys as well as run diagnostics for your Boost eScooter.

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Why Should I Buy An Electric Scooter?

The need for a more sustainable mode of personal transport has never been higher due to the demands of our environments, that’s why electric scooters are the perfect choice for commuters. They are eco-friendly, safe and easy to ride as well as convenient for commuters to get from A to B, without being stuck in traffic. Electric scooter’s offer the perfect solution to increased traffic and pollution on the roads, so why not try a Reid eScooter today?

We also have a blog to help you discover why an eScooter might be perfect for you, which you can check out here.

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We are delighted to finally reveal our brand new Glide and Boost electric scooters to our Reid community and we can’t wait for all of you to try them out! Keep your eyes peeled for the Glide and Boost, landing in selected markets across the world soon…

Please note that rules and regulations for riding an eScooter differ for every country. Please check your government guidelines before riding an electric scooter.


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