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Guide To Road Cycling

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Cycle Greater Distances

Road cycling is perfect for those who are looking at racking up their mileage on flat routes. Anyone can try road cycling, whether you are looking at getting into road racing or endurance cycling, or just looking at trying to cycle a few miles longer. Even just commuting to work or popping to the shops is classed as a form of road cycling, so you might already been doing it without knowing!

If you’re looking to enter the world of road cycling, then this week we have some key tips to help you.

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What Road Bike Will I Need For Road Cycling?

You don’t always need to buy a brand new road bike for road cycling, however, if you don’t have something similar to a road bike and you’re looking at seriously getting into road cycling, then it might be a good idea to invest in a quality road bike.

Luckily for you, here at Reid we have a fantastic range of road bikes which fit every category, including both endurance and race road bikes. If you’re unsure what the difference between endurance and race road bikes are we have a blog on it, which you can read here. For endurance road bikes, we have the Vantage Endurance range which have been designed to feature endurance optimised geometry to comfortably cover greater distances.

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If you are looking for the ultimate road bike, specifically designed for racing to be the main purpose, then we also have a lot of fantastic options for you. For example, the Falco Elite is the ultimate, premium race bike, featuring lightweight components to reduce weight and Shimano gearing for the perfect racer.

We also have a range of road bikes perfect for those just trying out road biking. The Express road bike is a fantastic entry-level road bike, designed with premium features to be lightweight, fast and responsive.

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What Are The Benefits Of Road Cycling

Road cycling is something that everyone can try and it doesn’t have to be done at a serious level. Even cycling to the shops or commuting to your workplace is a form of road cycling and the benefits of doing this regularly is great.

Road cycling increases your fitness levels, helping you to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility. Not only this, it is a great form of exercise for weight loss as you can control the difficulty of your cycle, meaning you can increase the difficulty as you become more confident. It also helps to reduce stress levels, especially after a long day at work, as it clears the mind. We have a blog on the physical and mental benefits of cycling, which you can read here.

Those who are seriously getting into road cycling can travel greater distances, as road cycling routes are flat meaning that you are able to ride for miles and miles, travelling to new places where you might never have explored before! This is great for weekend adventuring. Not only this, but road cycling is a great way to meet new people. There are lots of road cycling clubs that you can sign up to, meaning you can ride to places with people.

Furthermore, road cycling gives you the opportunity to sign up to cycling events, such as races, which is a great motivator for achieving a new goal. You could sign up to do a 50km road cycling race, meaning that you have something big to work towards to. This is a great way to set goals and having something big to work towards and once you achieve it, it’s an amazing feeling!

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What Clothing Should I Wear For Road Cycling?

Like all cycling, it’s essential that you wear a helmet when riding and for extra safety, it’s a good idea to wear extra protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads.

If you’re looking at seriously entering the world of road biking, we also recommend investing in some good cycling shorts for extra comfort on the long rides. Purchasing some cycling gloves is also a good idea as it protects your hands, especially if they are gripping the handlebars for a long bike ride. This is especially a good idea in the colder months, as there is nothing worse than having cold hands on a bike ride!

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What Other Gear Shall I Bring For Road Cycling?

Cycling for a long distance will definitely require you to bring some food and water to keep you going on your cycle. It’s important to bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated on your cycle and foods such as energy bars are a good choice to keep your energy levels up.

Lots of road cyclist like to measure their distances when road cycling, as they usually rack the miles up and want to record it, so, it might be a good idea investing in a bike computer to do just this. Most bike computers also tell you information such as your present speed, maximum speed, temperature and your time. This is a good way to track your progress if you are looking at increasing your speed and distance. A lot of them also have built in GPS so you can see where you are riding.

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What Are Some Tips For Safely Riding On The Road?

Road cycling means that you have to ride on the road which can often be busy with traffic, so, it is important that you know how to safely cycle on the road with cars.

Firstly, make sure that you ride in the same direction as the traffic and not against it. If there are no cycle lanes on the road, make sure that when there is traffic you ride as close to the paved shoulder as you can, this ensures that there is enough space for cars to pass you safely. If the road is not wide enough for cars to overtake you safely, then traffic should wait behind you until it is safe to do so. It is also important to use your hands as your indicators when cycling on the road. Like you would do in a car, make sure you signal where you are going, so traffic around you know where you are going. This means that you can safely turn at a junction.

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Road cycling is a great way to ride greater distances than you have before. Whether you are looking to seriously enter the world of road cycling, or are just looking to cycle more to improve fitness, anyone can have a go!


Interested in our range of Road bikes? Check them out here!

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