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Reid’s Guide To Vintage Bikes

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Retro Cruising Companions

Here at Reid, our Vintage range are some of our most famous bikes, including the popular Ladies Classic. With the sleek, retro, Dutch design and pops of bright colours, you can see why they are a fan favourite amongst our Reid community!

We have a wide range of beautiful Vintage bikes, from the Ladies Classic to the Gents Roller and with our range of Vintage bikes starting to come back in stock around the world, this week we’ve come up with a few reasons why a Vintage bike might be perfect for you…

Vintage Bike Guide 3 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes

What Makes A ‘Vintage’ Bike Different?

Our Vintage bikes have been inspired by the classic Dutch bike, which are famous for their balance of retro, timeless designs with modern features. The Vintage style frame differs from that of a regular road bike and means your position whilst riding will be upright, meaning you can sit tall and in comfort whilst cruising around, taking in the views.

This retro design gives it a unique look, which is distinctive in the Vintage range. Some of our Vintage range, like the Ladies Classic, come with an optional basket which adds to the Vintage design. This is perfect for putting your shopping in or taking a picnic to the park.

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What Vintage Bike Is Best For Me?  

Here at Reid, our Vintage range is famous for a reason! We have a huge selection of Vintage bikes, all offering the timeless retro design. From Vintage eBikes, to Vintage sports bikes and beach cruisers, we have you covered for all your Vintage bike needs.

So, what type of Vintage biker are you? Read below to find out…


1. The Stylish One

Our Ladies Classic is the perfect option for those who are looking to ride around in a little more style and comfort. Featuring our signature Vintage style, perfect for cruising around the town at the weekends. Finish the look with our optional front and back basket, perfect for holding your shopping or your picnic.

Our Ladies Classics are available in a range of beautiful colours, perfect for matching your style. It’s no wonder they are our best sellers worldwide…

4 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes 3 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes

We also offer the Ladies Deluxe which is perfect for those wanting the ultimate Vintage experience!  Featuring premium, modern components designed alongside the classic retro frame, making it the crown jewels of our Vintage range. We also have the Ladies Classic Lite for those wanting the Ladies Classic, just a little bit lighter! Featuring a lightweight Aluminium Vintage frame, making it a fantastic summer cruising companion!

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For our stylish male customers, we have the Gents Roadster which is the ultimate men’s Vintage bike. The Gents Roadster is elegantly designed, and features modern components whilst sustaining the Vintage look. Perfect for the modern, stylish man.

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2. The Commuter

Are you looking for the perfect Vintage commuter? Then we have you covered with our Ladies Esprit and Gents Roller. Designed with a stylish and retro feel to get you from A to B in style.

Our Esprit and Roller have been designed with thinner tubing creating a streamline frame for agile handling, making it a perfect quick and nimble bike and a commuters best friend. A modern vintage commuter for the modern working man and woman.

The Ladies Esprit is available in a range of colours and the Gents Roller is available in Black and Charcoal. We also have the Ladies Esprit Superlite, designed with a lighter frame for those wanting a lighter commute.

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3. The Speed Cyclist

If you’re looking to ride a little faster and even further, then why not try our range of Vintage eBikes? They are designed just like our iconic Ladies Classic, just with a little bit more!

Our Ladies Classic eBike is a great way to travel around the city, featuring pedal assist and a 250W motor to help you cycle faster and further. Featuring the iconic retro style frame, meaning you’ll be riding comfortable and in style.

We also have the Ladies Encore eBike which just like the Ladies Classic eBike, offers pedal assist and a powerful motor to help you ride for longer. Still with the same vintage style and designed with premium features such as hydraulic disc brakes.

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4. The Beach Cruiser

If you’re dreaming of hot, summer days spent cruising along the beach then our Cruiser’s might be the perfect option for you. Stylish, easy-riding is what our Ladies and Gents Cruiser is all about. Designed with a retro style frame, swept low with the handlebars swept back for a relaxed riding position. These no fuss Singlespeed’s are the perfect beach buddies, making your beach days even better and even more relaxing.

Vintage Bike Guide 4 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes Vintage Bike Guide 5 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes

5. The Little Riders

For our little riders, we have a range of Vintage kids bikes which have been designed with the same quality as our adult bikes, just scaled down!

For those entering the world of cycling, we have the Girls and Boys Vintage balance bikes, the perfect first bike for your little ones. Our Vintage balance bike’s ensure your child will learn the art of bicycle balance in style and comfort.

Copy of Vintage Bike Guide 6 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes

As the next stage up, we have the Girls Classic 16” and Girls Classic 20” and the Boys Roadster 16” and Boys Roadster 20”. These are the perfect Vintage bikes for your little riders, designed for comfort and safety. Your child can explore their freedom in style!

6 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes 7 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes

Finally, we have the Classic Petite 24”, the bridge between kids and adult bikes. A beautiful, high quality retro cruiser, ideal for city cycling or weekend cruising and scaled down for riders under 5ft.

10 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes 11 - Reid ® - Reid's Guide To Vintage Bikes


Our Vintage bikes are the perfect bikes for those wanting a stylish and sleek bicycle, which are comfortable and convenient to ride. Commute to work in the week with our Esprit and Roller, or cruise the beach at the weekend with our Cruiser’s. The possibilities are endless with our Vintage range, explore your freedom today!



Interested in our range of Vintage & Cruisers? Check them out here!

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