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Cycling – 10 Reasons Why You Should Start

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Whether you’re looking to take up a new hobby, lose some weight or just explore the outdoors more, cycling is the perfect option. Not only is riding affordable, it benefits both you and the planet. Here’s 10 reasons why you should start cycling;

1. Cycling For Fun: What is a fun and free activity?

Firstly, we’ve got the big (and obvious) one, the main reason why any sport is played and any hobby is taken up – it is fun. What is the point of spending time and money on an activity that you don’t enjoy? There isn’t any! Cycling is a low maintenance, low impact, full of adventure, full of opportunities, good – feeling fun.

You might choose to be a mountain biker, a cycling commuter or a sunny day cruiser – either one, I bet it will be fun!

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2. Cycling for fitness: Will cycling help with me with fitness/weightloss?

Another very popular reason for taking up sport and exercise is overall health, well-being and weight-loss. Exercising regularly, taking long bike rides or even short and high intensity rides will all lead to physical fitness. If you’re looking to keep fit and exercise more we’d suggest implementing a cycle routine into your daily life with perhaps, a cycle to work. Check out of Commuter bikes and Comfort bikes here.

Sometimes the hardest part about keeping fit and healthy isn’t the actual workouts, it is the discipline and consistency. This is why adjusting your daily routine to incorporate a workout is usually the most sustainable option. Instead of going out of your way, you make it part of your everyday life and eventually it just becomes natural.

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3. Cycling for your mind: Will cycling help my mental health?

Just like the common ‘runners high’ cycling releases similar hormones that leave you feeling more positive, confident and optimistic. Whether you’re blowing off the cobwebs from a miserable day or starting your morning with some exercise, bicycle riding can lead to an improved state of mind as well as all the other physical benefits outlined in this article.

Many people in the fitness world will explain how much better you feel after a workout and it is not only due to the feeling of fulfilment but the physical, scientific benefits too. When you’re exercising, your body is working harder to pump the blood around. This is what leads to an increased production of positive hormones like endorphins and serotonin – hence the reduction in anxiety, a more relaxed mind and a mood boost. Plus, if you’re struggling it can always be helpful to take a ride to your favourite place, find a bench and have a breather.

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4. Cycling for the planet: Will cycling reduce my carbon footprint?

It is no secret that cars, lorries, vans and motorcycles aren’t particularly kind to our environment. Car pollution is one of the major contributions to global warming and after many years of ignorance and lack of understanding, we’re now in a time where we’re trying to protect our world. It is only natural that we look inwards, assess what we can do as an individual, and reduce our own carbon footprint.

Cycling doesn’t require fossil fuel and therefore doesn’t emit harmful gasses into the atmosphere. It also reduces noise pollution, congestion and healthcare costs (as you’ll be healthier from cycling).

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5. Cycling To Explore: What can I do to explore more?

Some of the most incredible places to explore are too far to reach by foot, and too secluded to drive to. With your trusty mountain bike by your side (not literally), you can explore many more incredible places at the same time as taking in the fresh air and undisturbed views. It is a great idea to have a list of destinations that you would like to visit, and tick them off like a bucket list. Another option to keep record of your exploring is to take a photo of you and your bike along each trip.

At Reid we believe that Freidom is super important and should be accessible for everyone, this is why we make a range of affordable, great quality bikes, scooters and watersports. We will be delving into some of the best cycling routes around the world soon so keep an eye out for that!

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6. Cycling to save money: How can I save money?

We all know that buying a car is far from cheap but also running it is expensive too. You’ve got the initial purchase/lease to think about, as well as petrol, insurance and maintenance. It can all begin to add up. Plus if you include the ever-increasing price of parking, it can be eye watering.

Our quality bikes come with warranty so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best for your money. With a few safety checks here and there you can also head to work without worrying about filling up or finding somewhere to park.

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7. Cycling for my brain: How can I improve brain power?

This one isn’t necessarily connected to cycling only but it is a great reason to get involved with physical activity and we may be biased, but we think cycling is the best. Exercises that get your body moving and heart pumping, signals your body to send more nutrients and oxygen to your brain. This can lead to an increase in concentration, judgement and learning.

On a less scientific level, taking a break from work and getting some fresh air may help with (and I know it sounds counterintuitive) giving your body a rest. Some of us aren’t so great at multitasking, so when we’re out cycling, work isn’t on our mind. This brain break can be really useful to make sure you’re not overworking the organ, and help it to perform better when you are working.

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8. Cycling to socialise: How can I meet new people?

Depression and loneliness is constantly on the rise, and may be something many of us have experienced in the last year especially. Socialising is actually a really big contributor to your overall mental health, so it is important to keep yourself surrounded with like-minded and friendly people. 

With cycling, there are many ways you can keep your social life alive. You could cycle to a coffee shop with a friend, join a cycling club or compete in cycling challenges.

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9. Cycling to sleep better: How can I improve my sleep?

I don’t know if hating your alarm can ever go away, but I do know that some nights you will sleep better and it is usually after a big bike ride and lots of yummy food.

When we’ve worked our body hard, it rewards us by allowing a good night’s sleep. Non-exercisers also tend to experience more drowsiness during the day, so with a little workout you may notice less brain-fog too. Plus, with cycling also helping reduce anxiety and leading to a more relaxed state of mind, as mentioned previously in this article, you could even find it easier to fall asleep with less worrying your mind.

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10. Cycling to save time: How can I use my time more efficiently?

If you live in built up urban areas, you won’t be a stranger to the rush-hour traffic. It is difficult to avoid these built up times – as everyone is trying to get to work, drop the kids off at school or get home after a long day of work. Unless you’re a taxi driver with special lane privileges, it is unlikely that you can avoid the traffic all together without opting to cycle. 

Cycle down all the back roads, off-road trails and cycle paths instead. Also, how about all that time you spend waiting for the train and bus? Or working out at the gym? Two birds, with one stone – exercise and transport.

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