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Reid Rider Of The Month July 2021.

Every month we sit down with a different Reid Rider to find out more about them and to hear about their experience with a Reid.

The Reid Rider of the month for July is Josh, a mortgage broker and family man from Queensland, Australia. Keep reading to find out more about the family adventures and how riding has lead to more quality time spent together.

Introduce yourself…

My name is Josh. I’m 38 and living in Springfield Lakes, Queensland with my wife Sarah and two young kids, Zachary (7) and Mackenzie (4).

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When and how did you get into bike riding?

There’s a couple of reasons I wanted a bike; I don’t really like running for one! But primarily I wanted to be able to keep up with the kids. My son had been learning to ride for some time and he was getting a little too quick for me walking/running beside him, so I had been on the hunt for a bike of my own.

How did you get your hands on a Reid?

The Reid Cruiser was the perfect Valentine’s Day present from my wife. I didn’t need a bike for super-long rides, or to go up and down mountains, I just wanted something that looked good, was affordable and gave me the ability to ride alongside my family and around the lake nearby where we live – literally just to cruise!

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Is this your first cruiser bike? How has it treated you?

Sure is and it’s been great. I’ve always liked that Cruiser style. I did a bit of research and found Reid online. It arrived within a few days of placing the order and comes in only a few main pieces. Despite having a day-job as a Mortgage Broker (good with home loans, not so much the tools!) even I managed to put it together with ease and it still feels as sturdy as it did from day one.

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What and where have you been with it?

If we’re not just circling the cul de sac with the kids, then the majority of the time it’s a quick ride around the lake near home. It takes about 30 minutes for a full lap – so it’s a perfect amount of time to get the heart rate up a little and just the right distance for the kids!

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Do you have any other future adventures planned?

Next on the agenda will be a bike for our daughter – she’s recently started taking a little more interest in learning to ride. At the moment she has a balance bike, but is pretty keen on a bike of her own “with pedals” as she will often say! Once all 4 of us are up and riding – we plan to venture a little further together!

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting into bike riding or perhaps have never tried it before?

I try to lead a pretty healthy lifestyle at the best of times – and a bike is a much more fun way to get some cardio in. It beats staring at the walls on a treadmill and covers so much more ground than a walk or a run – but primarily for me, it has given me another way to spend time with my wife and kids – and everyone is getting fitter and healthier while doing so!

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It has been great to find out more about Josh and his cruiser bike. The Gents Cruiser is strictly chilled vibes only. Our take on the classic beach cruiser, made for those looking for casual cycling along the coast with little to no maintenance. Find out more about the bike here.

If you think you would make a good fit to be our next Reid Rider, send us over a quick email about you and your Reid for the chance to be considered.

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