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Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021)

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What is ‘cycle to work day’?

A day dedicated to encourage more people to give it a go and cycle to work. You may be a daily rider, weekly cruiser or brand new to bike riding, this day is about giving the commute a go. There are lots of benefits to getting out on your bike, not only is it a great form of exercise but it could actually save you some money too. We believe it’s time to escape from the car, embrace two wheels and reignite your freedom to move.

You may even find some beautiful areas that you’ve been missing due to driving. Consider taking the parks and cycle routes and you may even discover some new and exciting secret spots.

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Why should I cycle to work?

There are many benefits from exercise, economical benefits to meeting new people and joining a community. 

Keeping fit alone benefits many areas of your life – including physically and mentally. Your body will thank you and you may see improvements to your mental health.

Swapping your bike for a car will also have a positive environmental impact. Motor vehicles are a major contributor to global warming and opting to cycle instead will help reduce CO2 emissions. 

Cycling also opens up many opportunities for meeting new people and becoming part of a community. Activities as such could include a bike riding club as well as races and events.



1 10 - Reid ® - Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021)

What bike should I use for my cycle commute?

We have a range of bikes perfect for commuters that offer a more upright body positioning to ensure a comfortable ride. This riding position encourages riders to remain more straight seated and thus less stress for your bike and an improved vision in traffic. All of our commuter bikes also have the ability to attach a variety of accessories, designed to encompass all belongings you may require for a trip to work. 

WSD and Step Thru – suited to those with less mobility and can’t swing their leg over the bike. Also handy for skirt and dress wearers.

eBikes – suited to those with a hilly commute or wanting an easier ride. Still eco-friendly but with a more sleek and effortless cycle.

Metro 1 – the Reid folding bike, ideal for anyone working in a high rise, busy town centre or without secure bike storage. Designed to slide under your desk or in an office cupboard.

Shop all bikes here.

6 5 - Reid ® - Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021) 5 5 - Reid ® - Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021)

Town Cycling

  • Visibility

As a road user, make sure other road users can see you too. Stock up on illuminating items and lights (back and front) for night time riding.

  • Signals

Make sure the people around you understand your intentions. Signal with your arms to indicate your direction changes.

  • Speed limits

Consider your speed and make sure you’re within the limits. Some cycle paths have speed limits too.

  • Quieter routes

Consider using quieter routes to avoid traffic, busy roads and other hazards. Plan your routes with safer roads and cycle lanes in mind.

  • Concentration

Keep your focus on the road ahead of you, this way you can better prepare for avoiding potholes, junctions and pedestrians.

8 4 - Reid ® - Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021)

Other top tips for cycling to work

  • Use a route planner
  • Test the route out at the weekend
  • Take some spare clothes
  • Take waterproofs just in case the weather changes
  • Consider cycling training if you’re a beginner
  • Wear a helmet
  • Practice how to carry your luggage load (basket, panniers, back pack)
  • Cycle with a colleague
9 2 - Reid ® - Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021) 10 3 - Reid ® - Cycle To Work Day UK (5th August 2021)

If you decide to give cycling to work a go this year we’d love to hear about how you have found it. How was your commuting experience and is it something you will be continuing?

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