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Landmark achievement – 100,000 trees planted!

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We are so excited to announce that we have just hit a huge milestone with our environmental pledge. As of August 1st,  we have now planted 100,000 trees on behalf of our customers, through our #buyoneplantone campaign. This is a huge achievement for us, both personally and as members of the Reid team,  we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to do since our initiative started January 2020 and are thankful to our amazing customers and community for helping us achieve this. 

3 6 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted! 2 6 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!

As many of you may already know – for every Reid that we sell, we plant one tree in the honour of our customers. We’ve always been about freedom, exploring the world around us and experiencing new adventures and this pledge helps towards  ensuring that the environments that we love to ride in, stay sustainable.

One bike = one tree

One scooter = one tree

One hover = one tree

One kayak/board = one tree

Trees Single Image 2 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!

This pledge started as we felt a responsibility as a good-manufacturing business to offset the carbon that we are using to make our already sustainable projects but has developed into much more. Since partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project we have been overwhelmed by the work that they are doing and feel very proud to be a part of the work that has so far created more than 6 million work days.

Trees Single Image 5 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!

In highly poverty-stricken and undeveloped areas people have very few opportunities to work and support their families and are forced to destroy their local environment to use as fuel and heat sources in an effort to merely survive. The two main solutions are as follows:

– Hire local people to plant trees so they can provide for their families

– As trees are planted, healthy forests start to emerge and deforestation begins to disappear

5 5 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted! 4 6 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!

We have now graduated to a Sapling level partner and are excited to take you along on this journey with us. We will now be able to share further information with our community and audience with progression planting photos as well as more in depth reporting information. RGB - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!

The Reid mission has always been to help and encourage people to explore their freidom and experience the world around them and should be available to everyone. This is why we felt so strongly about the Eden Reforestation Projects and wanted to get involved. This is more of a moral obligation for us than a business choice.

Trees Single Image 6 - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!

Planting trees actually saves lives, so this pledge was a big commitment for us but was one the whole Reid team was passionate about implementing. We want to document this landmark achievement and take the opportunity to appreciate how far we have come and say thank you to our loyal customers. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Copy of Trees Single Image - Reid ® - Landmark achievement - 100,000 trees planted!
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