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Q & A with Vincent Rochard

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This week we sit down with Reid employee, Vincent. Vincent has recently joined the team in the Reid International HQ and has been with us for nearly 4 months now. Find out more about him, including his background in the biking world, what he spends his spare time doing and where he sees Reid going in the future.

Vincent, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Vincent! Joined the Reid team recently and have been in the bicycle industry for a few years now. Being French, I grew up watching the Tour de France and I always had a bike since my younger age.

5 4 - Reid ® - Q & A with Vincent Rochard

Where and how did you come across Reid?

I used to work near Reid’s International Head Office and had an informal chat with Rob Akam over a coffee, the bicycle industry is a small world!

What has your experience at Reid been like so far?

So far my experience at Reid has been great, everyone is very friendly and professional, allowing me to settle quickly and feeling very much part of the team.

Where do you see Reid going in the future?

I believe Reid has a great future!! The obsession of offering great quality products and making it affordable, combined with innovation and diversity will only result in positioning the brand to a level we are only just tapping into in such an exciting time.

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What is an average day in the life of Vincent?

I am also a qualified fitness group instructor so I will start most of my days putting people through their paces bright and early before heading to the office fully energised! I’ll reach out to our clients, prospect for new ones and will liaise with my colleagues whether it’s for marketing, supply chain or other needs. I will of course spend lots of time with Rob on ideas and how we focus on developing the business. End of the day I could head back to the gym, get on my bike or just relax!

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Important question – what bike do you ride?

I ride a full carbon endurance road bike, we are privileged here to have miles of scenic routes to explore. I’m planning to get a Reid commuter or gravel bike for the shorter journey.

4 5 - Reid ® - Q & A with Vincent Rochard

What do you like to do on the weekends?

On the weekends it’s all about switching from the week and doing the things I like. I spend time with my daughters, go on a long ride or my paddle board, cook, watch movies and see friends!

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who doesn’t cycle, or is new to cycling?

Someone who doesn’t cycle should perhaps consider it as I know few people who got into cycling and wish they used a bike before. Someone who’s new to cycling should start with short rides exploring where they live and gradually increase distances and explore further. That freedom you get on a bike has no equal.

3 5 - Reid ® - Q & A with Vincent Rochard

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