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Q&A with Leon Stimpson, new Reid Product Manager

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This week we sit down with new Reid employee, Leon. Leon has recently joined the Reid International HQ team. Leon joins Reid with a lifetime of experience in the biking world both professionally and for pleasure, having recently headed up product development at Forme Bikes, where he doubled their range size and created the largest eBike range from a UK brand.

Keep reading to find out more about Leon, his biking experience and where he sees Reid in the future.

Leon, tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Leon Stimpson and I reside from South Derbyshire where I live with my partner, two kids, dog and two cats. I love spending my weekends with my family, getting outdoors with the dog and riding bikes.

I also have a passion for Photography which started from a young age, documenting me and my friends riding but has now evolved more towards landscape and seascape photography.

I try to get out on my bike most weekends and sometimes through the week, heading out on the local trails, the rocky North Derbyshire hills or over the border to Wales.

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Where and how did you come across Reid?

I saw a lot of potential with Reid as they are an exciting brand with a great global presence. I also share the same values in that a bicycle can look great, ride well, but also be affordable. Reid is already very well established outside of the EU but hopefully I can help grow the love for the brand inside the EU in the near future.

What has your experience at Reid been like so far?

My first week at Reid was great. I spent the first half of the week down in Poole at the head office where I was warmly welcomed by the team and shown the ropes by the MD Rob Akam. I spent the second half of the week settling into my remote working environment and getting stuck straight in to product development.

Where do you see Reid going in the future?

I can’t reveal too much but I have already started on a refresh of the road bike range, some new Cruisers and I am overseeing some exciting new mid level MTB’s. There is also a new bike which I am excited to see next time I am in the office. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into the whole range but I think eBikes particularly. We use the Ananda system which has some very impressive stats and I can’t wait to see what I can do with it.

What is an average day in the life of Leon?

I get up fairly early and start work to ensure maximum time with the factories due to the time difference. Communicating through email, video calls and messaging platforms allows me to get quick responses to outstanding product development queries.

The rest of the day is spent working on spec’s, drawings and product research, sometimes broken up with a short walk with my dog Alfie.

I tend to spend my evenings relaxing but I also like to get out on the bike if I can.

Important question – what bike do you ride?

I ride everything! I ride all kinds of bikes from Mountain bikes, Gravel bikes, Road bikes, even BMX and think I always will. I have never categorized myself as a particular type of cyclist but I would definitely say I spend most of my time on a Mountain bike right now.

1 2 - Reid ® - Q&A with Leon Stimpson, new Reid Product Manager

What do you like to do on the weekends?

I love spending weekends with my family, getting outdoors, walking with the dog, seeing new places and of course riding my bike.

Doing a job that is mainly computer focused, I thrive on getting outdoors whenever I am not working.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who doesn’t cycle, or is new to cycling?

Just give it a go! You never forget how to ride a bike nor is it too late to learn. An eBike is a great place to start as it takes the pressure off the fitness aspect of cycling. If an eBike is out of your budget just get a bike that is comfortable and you feel confident on. Start small and just go for a short ride, then each time you go out, cycle a little further and you will soon find it more enjoyable.

Rob Akam, Managing Director says

 “I am very excited by this new appointment of Leon as our Product Manager. Leon brings with him an extensive knowledge of both the technical side of bikes but also an innate ability to understand what the end consumer desires and how to deliver this at incredible price points. This hire only looks to further support our core value of making great quality affordable products, as Leon draws on his experience to take our range to the next level for both our distributors and customers alike.”

This hire is the latest in a recent staff expansion at Reid

The international team has seen itself nearly double to both support their current distribution network and to capitalise on new opportunities in the market. The majority of these hires have been in the support functions of the business, allowing Reid to gain better insight and control into shipping and product, both of which have suffered significant industry-wide issues and delays over the past year. Reid however have been able to combat this and grow, with record shipments for the company since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic and more distribution partners now than ever before.

However the hiring doesn’t stop there! Reid are currently looking for the last piece to their current puzzle in the form of an International Sales Executive to help support the sales function of the business and join a proactive team who have been signing new distribution partners at the rate of one per month. Joining their team in Poole, Dorset, this is an exciting opportunity, for a salesperson who is looking to work with international clients with a dedicated support team around them. Read more about the role here.

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