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Reid Rider Of The Month October 2021

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We’ve got a great Reid rider here for you this month. Victoria is a well travelled, touch football England player with a reasonably recently discovered passion for road cycling. Victoria takes her Reid to the next level with outdoor adventures, challenges, events and even adapts the bike for inside cycling. Keep reading to find out more about Victoria and her experience with the Reid Rapid.

Introduce yourself..

Hi, I’m Victoria born in England, but have lived in various cities in England, China and Australia. I’m a Touch Football player, currently representing England. To me, sports have always been a huge part of who I am. Growing up I have been lucky enough to have played in a wide variety of sports which included competing competitively in Rugby, Basketball, Athletics and Swimming. So naturally I ended up studying Sports Management at Loughborough University.

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Why did you get your hands on a Reid bike?

Cycling was introduced to me at a relatively early age, I still remember my dad teaching me how to ride a bike and that we as a family would go bike riding every single weekend exploring the city in a single-file. When I was about 12 years old, I came across a unicycle at the bike store and had my mind set to learning how to unicycle on my own. After a few stumbles, falls and tantrums I was able to successfully teach myself how to ride a unicycle.

Other than that, bike riding has been for the most part a leisurely activity, a great way to exercise with my family. We’d tend to get mountain bikes for the most part, as it was more versatile for the rides we were doing.

But it wasn’t until a couple years ago when I participated in my first sprint Triathlon did I realise that I actually quite enjoy cycling beyond just a leisure activity over the weekend. So much so, that I now have my eyes set on competing at an Ironman as well as exploring more road cycling events

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How did you get your hands on a Reid?

I must give credit to the Covid lockdowns, like many others due to all the restrictions team training and gym workouts were no longer an option. Along with a few unfortunate injuries, I was unable to run so that is when I turned to cycling.

In the past I’ve only owned mountain bikes, so I thought it’s time for a change and a road bike would better suit the routes I would be riding but also the events and competitions I want to partake in. Since this was going to be my first bike I’d get in Australia and first road bike I’d own, I wanted to make sure this was the right type of bike for me so I went with more of an entry level road bike.

When I went and did my research and to shop for bikes I quickly realised that everyone else in the Melbourne lockdown had the same idea, everyone wanted a bike. So that high demand meant that there weren’t many bikes available, and since I’m not exactly the tallest I needed a road bike with the smallest frame and that is even more rare. Luckily, I was able to find this gem in the size I needed and buy it off the previous owner to kick start my cycling adventures.

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Which Reid bike do you ride?

Rapid Road Bike

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How has it treated you?

At first I was a bit hesitant on it because of it’s stem-mounted shifters, having only been use to changing my gears from the bars, I had to get use to shifting gears from the middle. But once I got that hang of it and the timing, it’s been quite smooth. The Rapid Road Bike has been great overall, really solid bike that gets the job done. It has been great to take out for road rides by the beach, powering up steep inclines and even indoors on the trainer.

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Do you have any other future biking adventures planned?

Since getting the bike, I’ve really developed a strong passion for it. Taking it out, riding it around the lake all the way to the beach by Williamstown, into the streets of Melbourne CBD and zooming laps around Albert Park. For a more shorter ride I’d go about 20km but for longer rides I’d explore further and hit about 40-50km now but still trying to search for more routes that are longer (while waiting for restrictions to ease so I can go further).

For me, cycling is a great recovery session on my off-days of training to keep the legs from stiffening up. It is also a super enjoyable activity to do with friends and family while being active and exploring really nice scenery. But now that I’m looking into doing an Ironman, cycling will become a much larger part of my training. I’m also looking into some road cycling events to participate in, such as the United Energy Around the Bay.

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Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting into bike riding or perhaps have never tried it before?

100% a great investment in yourself for your physical wellbeing (fitness/ exercise), for your mental wellbeing (being able to be out and about exploring your surrounds and being with nature), and also for your social circles (fantastic activity to do with friends and family).

Cycling is just so versatile, a great mode of transport, great cardio fitness, really accessible (outdoors or indoors on a trainer) and also great for strength building, recovery and isn’t too impactful on the joints.

Jump on a bike and see where it takes you.

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Victoria is very active both offline and online with an Instagram account dedicated to her fitness. Go check it out to follow along her fitness journey as well as discovering some great fitness/cycling tips & motivation.

Do you think you could be our next Reid Rider Of The Month?

We are actively looking for more Reid Riders with a story to tell. If you’d like to put yourself forward to be considered as a future rider of the month please email me with a little bit about you! You can reach me here.

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