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Reid Rider Of The Month Sabina

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Our final 2021 Reid Rider of the month is Lavender Ladies Classic owner Sabina. Sabina is an adventure seeking, beach biker from Melbourne, Australia. Find out more about her bike and adventures below.

Introduce yourself..

My name is Sabina and I’m from Melbourne Australia. I’m a very outgoing social butterfly who loves to go on adventures, exercise, dance and discover new places while riding.  

When and how did you get into bike riding?

From when I received my first bike at 6 years old I have loved the feeling of riding with the wind and feeling that freedom it brings to your soul. As I grew older I would get excited to check out some new bike paths around my area which were very scenic and also ride along the beach. Bike riding for me is more than just exercise, it’s a feeling of letting go of your worries and really embracing your surroundings.

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How did you get your hands on a Reid?

Most recently we experienced the worlds longest lockdown in Melbourne so during this time I needed to find some alternative things to keep me busy instead of just walking the dog around the neighbourhood. I noticed people around my area had some very very pretty looking pastel coloured bikes. I really wanted to get my hands on one of these and I found out they were Reid bikes. I jumped online and bought my first vintage bike and I can confidently say that I do not regret it at all!

Which Reid bike do you ride?

I own a pastel purple Classic Women’s Vintage Bike. It is the most beautiful looking bike I have ever owned. When I take the bike out people always comment on the colour and also the look. I added the optional basket in the front and it is super useful and convenient for me to hold my keys, phone & water bottle. 

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How has it treated you?

The look of this bike was the first thing that caught my attention and also knowing that I could buy a pastel purple one which is my favourite shade. Its always important to have a comfortable seat and this bike definatly ticks that box. I feel that I can ride for hours without having to worry about feeling sore. Im so happy with everything this bike delivers.

What have you done and where have you been with it?

I try to go out on the bike a few times a week as long as the weather permits. Generally I love the ride around my area along the creek and the bike paths are surrounded by trees and greenery. Its an amazing and relaxing ride that’s so close to home. The beach is also a ride I love going on as I feel this bike is very cruisy and provides that beach vibe. On my holidays I would love to venture out further and discover some other bike paths far from home possibly near some mountains.

Do you have any other future adventures planned?

Definitely more beach rides as summer is now approaching and I would like some scenic mountain riding (with not too much incline ha-ha but enough to feel the different atmosphere)

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting into bike riding or perhaps have never tried it before?

If you have never tried bike riding you need to at least hop on once in your life. The adventures are endless and if you feel comfortable while on a bike that feels good (and looks good) then anything is possible. It can become a lifelong hobby along with feeling good, keeping fit and also having fun!

Reid has so many different bike styles to suit everyone & you never know what discovery you will embrace next 😊

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