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We’re back with another Reid Retailer Of The Month. This month we’re pleased to introduce you to Ely Bike and Kicksled, based in Minnesota, US. Ely Bike and Kicksled are more than just a bike store, they go above and beyond for their community by sponsoring a youth bike club, hosting group rides, offering trail maps for local adventures and more.

Introduce yourselves…

We are Ely Bike and Kicksled, recently under new ownership/management this past fall, although the shop has been open since 2019. We sell bikes, accessories, parts, labor, and of course kicksleds. We recently started a membership program and coordinating weekly group rides.

2 - Reid ® - Reid Retailer Of The Month Ely Bike and Kicksled 1 - Reid ® - Reid Retailer Of The Month Ely Bike and Kicksled

Where can your store be found?                                                                                                                                                                                                              

We are located at the end of the road in downtown Ely, Minnesota.

What does cycling mean to you?

Cycling means freedom. Adventure. A bicycle can bring you so many different kinds of memorable stories. It can help you slow down, see the world from a different perspective. Bicycling connects us to many people and places we otherwise would be too busy to see. As a person with epilepsy, bicycling allows me to access basic needs as a commuter in addition to my recreational desires.

How do you integrate with your local community?

As bicycle enthusiasts we integrate with our local community by being out on our bikes riding to work, school, and the farmers market. EBK has started sponsoring the local youth mountain biking club and hosts weekly group rides for mountain and road/gravel biking. Our area, the Iron Range, Minnesota, has recently seen a boom in mountain biking interest due to the completion of a few different trail systems in the area. An extensive paved trail is also starting to connect our town to Southern Minnesota. We have a list of trail maps on our website! Thousands of people come up to visit the Boundary Waters every year and stop in town for the day, looking for something to do. We encourage these folks to rent a bike for the hour and ride the 4-mile loop around the Trezona Trail, all season long!

Do you have any interesting store stories that you can share with us?

Our shop mascot, Flash the Turtle, was inspired from a toy “super” turtle, carried around by Alvin on the front of his touring bike. There is a phrase (and movie), “slow is fast” and it represents a lot of our feelings about bicycling and the world. Turtles and bicycle touring have a lot of similarities.

What is your best selling Reid product?

The Ares Bike is one of our best selling Reid products. It’s great for all-season riding up here! With snow for at least 5 months out of the year, a fat bike is a MUST have item. Ely Nordic Ski and Bike Club recently started grooming the local trails specifically for fat bikes in the winter. Minimum tire width on trails = 4″.

3 - Reid ® - Reid Retailer Of The Month Ely Bike and Kicksled

How has your experience with Reid been?

We’ve been really happy with our relationship with Reid and our Reid bikes. We’re thankful to be able to purchase bikes during this tough year of finding bikes for folks. Thanks Reid!

Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering getting into bike riding or perhaps have never tried it before?

You don’t have to be in shape to ride, you’ll get in shape while riding. Just ride!


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